LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedinMarketing Tip #1: Update Your LinkedIn Headline Often

You should add update your LinkedIn headline every few month to help get more profile views. If you add new keyword phrases and relevant skills, it can help you show up in more relevant LinkedIn searches.


Marketing Tip #2: Connect, Connect and Connect Some More

Connect with everyone on LinkedIn. Accept all requests for connections. The more people you connect with, the larger your expanded network becomes, which will help your business grow in the long run.


Marketing Tip #3: Recommend Others

Don’t be selfish. Helping others will help you. If you recommend others, they are more likely to help you. It is important not to just use LinkedIn to market your own services, but to create valuable business partnerships as well.


Marketing Tip #4: Post at least Once or Twice Daily

If you want to attract attention with your LinkedIn account, you must be visible. The more you post, the more visible you will be.


Marketing Tip #5: Get More Endorsements

Anytime you receive an endorsement, it will show up the newsfeed, which will ultimately give you more views. If you want to increase your endorsements, add more skills and experiences to your profile and be sure to endorse those with similar skills. If you endorse others, they are more likely to endorse you. So share the love.


Marketing Tip #6: Connect LinkedIn with Twitter

You will most likely receive more comments and interaction on LinkedIn if your post simultaneously shows on Twitter. It will save you time by posting to both at once and it will ultimately increase your views on both social media platforms. Remember if you select to post to both sites simultaneously, make sure your content is appropriate for both – meaning if you’re posting as your business on twitter, but yourself on LinkedIn make sure the message being communicated is appropriate for the different personas. Also, even though you are professional on both networks, Twitter is more casual than LinkedIn.


Marketing Tip #7: Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups help you build rapport with other users. Look for relevant groups with active users. Post discussions that will get people engaged and make sure to stay engaged in the conversation yourself. Check the group regularly for new discussions and post comments to increase your visibility.


Marketing Tip #8: Customize your LinkedIn URL to Make It Seem More Interesting and Compelling

This is something that everyone on LinkedIn can do, but many people tend to forget about this feature. It is simple and will surely attract more attention that the generic website description. To do this, go to the Profile > Edit profile from the main navigation bar and click the blue pencil icons in each section and modify the content. While in edit mode, you have the option to move your heading containers; click and hold the upper/down arrow on the right side of the box and reorder the boxes. Make sure to put important information closer to the top. Next just below your profile photo is your public URL, click edit and create a custom link specific to you.


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