Marketing Tips to Improve Your Facebook Fan Participation

facebookMost business owners recognize the importance of a Facebook presence for their business. However, just creating a page and having fans follow you isn’t enough. You want to make sure that you are engaging your fans and that they are participating on your Facebook fan page. Here are some excellent marketing tips to improve your Facebook fan participation.

  • Link to other relevant Facebook pages – Don’t be afraid to provide links to other Facebook pages that provide more information on related topics. Don’t worry; you won’t lead your fans to the competition. Rather, they’ll appreciate the extra effort to provide them with more resources and are likely to come back more often. Marketing using this technique can be very successful.

  • Make your content relevant – If you want your fans to participate then the content, you post needs to relate to real people. You need to connect with your readers on an emotional level and you are much more likely to see them participate on your page.

  • Link to something popular – If you want to increase the amount of discussion occurring on your page, link to something popular that people are talking about. For example, right now the Game of Thrones is incredibly popular so a niche on your Facebook page would help to generate a dialogue on your page. This applies to other social media avenues as well.

  • Give your fans’ choice – One of the easiest ways to get your fans to participate is to ask them to make a choice.  For example, click like if you are a Boston Red Sox fan or share if you are a Chicago Cubs fan. Now you may not think that this marketing strategy would benefit you, but the focus is to engage your fans.

  • Curate the content from other Facebook pages – Creating new posts on an ongoing basis can be time consuming. Instead, why not share some of the other terrific content that’s on Facebook. It will help to balance the news that appears on your page, and you’ll get all kinds of voices this way.

There you have it – some great marketing tips to increase your Facebook fan participation. These marketing tips can be used in many of your social media venues. Ideally, your marketing should focus on getting your fans to interact on your page, because it is that interacting that leads to trust and brand loyalty.

If you don’t have the time, or you don’t feel you have the expertise to be successful using these marketing tips, why not hire a marketing company to help.

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