Marketing your business with Twitter

TwitterSocial media can be used for marketing your business to interested consumers cost effectively. Although several options exist, we are going to discuss Twitter since it will require less time to use. As a business owner you are often pressed for time and creating long posts for sites like Facebook require a little more time than you can spare. Twitter only requires you to use 140 characters to communicate your message, which will literally take you seconds once you get the hang of it. Using Twitter and using Twitter for marketing are two different animals, but below we are going to cover how you can make the most of Twitter for marketing your business.


Creating a Twitter Account


Joining Twitter is a piece of cake. All you will need to do is visit and follow the onscreen instructions; you will be done in no time.


The first thing you will have to do after you create your account is make a Twitter profile. As with the tweet system, the profile is a short process as well. Upon creating your account, you will be taken to a screen, in which you can fill in your profile, this is very important! When other users are looking for people of follow, they will often refer to the profile to see if you are worth following. The key is to make is short and create a hook. One of my personal favorites is @catfoodbreath. They have a short, catchy profile and over 30,000 followers because of it. As you can see, there is room for humor on Twitter and if that does not fit your business, expertise is also prevalent on the site.


Building Twitter Followers


Regardless of how great your profile is or how informative, funny, or awesome your tweets are, if you do not have followers; who will see them? There are several techniques that can be used to build a following on Twitter. One of the best ways to get started is by following and interacting with others. You should also be sure to make frequent posts that are interesting; one great way to do this is infographics, which are extremely popular. Aside from that, you should mention your Twitter account in all marketing, including business cards, commercials, etc.


Twitter is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly; you can start slowly and continually build your presence. Consistency is key so post early and often and you will have thousands (or hundreds) of followers before you know it. If you want to build your Twitter profile even faster and reach followers more quickly, it would be worthwhile for you to look into getting help from a social media marketing professional. Either way, we wish you the best of luck on your journey into social media.