Murphy Beds Solve Critical Space Issues In Your Home

With custom woodworking you can have a bed available for overnight guests those times you have a visitor without it being in the way any other day of the month. Murphy beds have space saving features that easily get a bed out of sight when your room has a function for day-to-day use that is not as a bedroom.

When your office also serves as a guest room, custom woodworking designed to enclose murphy beds can offer a solution to space needs. The focal point of your home office should be the desk and computer, not a bed that your desk fits in with.

With custom cabinetry, murphy beds designed for a child’s room can easily turn your daughter’s room into sleepover heaven for a couple of girls spending the weekend doing their nails and watching movies. Supply some snacks and this haven will provide times with friends worth remembering.

Think about the benefits of murphy beds if you have out of town guests that come to visit for the weekend or even for an extended visit that will be for weeks at a time. If your home is limited in size and there is not an extra bedroom available then consider custom woodworking for a large wall space that can accommodate a built-in which will drop down from the wall and become a bed.

Custom woodworking can make murphy beds an easy solution to lack of space. Also, consider that your guest room is set up 365 days a year yet you only have your in-laws for a week during the summer and no one else ever stays the night. Is that the best use of your space? It’s time to reconfigure the space in your home to be able to accommodate those overnight guests when necessary but have the ability to use your home just as you want with your family’s daily activities rather than having a whole room available throughout the year only to be used for that one hot week during the summer.