Organic SEO: Tips for the Novice Looking for Naturalized Web Placement

organic seoTip #1: Make Sure Your Content is Interesting and Original

It is not only important that your content is interesting and engaging for the reader, but your content should be unique as well. You will want your content to be original, without any duplicate content that may be on another website. Duplicate content will do nothing but weaken your Organic SEO (search engine optimization). So avoid copying and pasting relevant information and take the time to create your own. It will pay off on in the long run.


Tip #2: Fill Your Content with Relevant Keywords, But Don’t Over Do it

Take the time or hire a professional to do keyword analysis and research to ensure you use keywords with the best performance. Although keywords are essential to organic SEO, it is important not to overuse them. Optimize only 1 or 2 keywords per webpage or blog post. If you want to optimize for more keywords, create more pages in your website.


Tip #3: Do Not Attempt to Use Hidden Text

Although it might seem like a good idea to use hidden text on your website, it can actually negatively impact your organic SEO placement. Most search engines cannot only detect the use of hidden text, but will actually penalize your organic results for it.


Tip #4: Create a Sitemap and Submit it to Your Favorite Search Engines

Your sitemap should be a detailed map of your website, similar to a table of contents. An added bonus to creating a sitemap is that it allows hidden URLs that you don’t want accessible to the public to be accessible by search engine crawlers.


Tip #5: Make Sure Your Backlinks are Organic

Any organic SEO consultant can tell you the true importance of backlinks for your naturalized web placement. Inorganic backlinks will not impact your web placement at all. Socializing and sharing your content will ensure to improve your web placement naturally. Write press releases and articles and encourage others to share and link your content.


Tip #6: Hire a Marketing Company to Help You

Naturalized web placement is not easy to achieve. It takes time, effort and know-how. Hiring a marketing company with expertise in organic SEO is the most cost-effective way to ensure that you achieve the highest rankings in a timely manner.