Advanced DIY Air Conditioning Repair Tips – Solving Refrigerant Leak

If you are DIY inclined, you may want to take your air conditioning repair skills to the next level. Working on the refrigerant leak is the best place to start as this is a skill easier to master! Basic air conditioning repair tasks on refrigerant is performed with adhesives but when the leak is severe, you need advanced tools to do the job.

Be warned that such AC repair tasks require familiarity after soldering equipment and other advanced tools (here you can buy a new soldering station). If you find such equipment to be highly complex, calling an air conditioning repair service is your best bet.

Leaks On The Copper Tubing

Refrigerant leaks on the copper tubing are usually easier to repair because the holes are pretty small and simple soldering can resolve the problem forever.

However, there are very thin copper tubing, which is also a part of the system that can’t be soldered as the tubing will melt the moment you show the soldering iron. Air conditioning repair services usually insert an external tube and solder it to the thinner one. If you do not have a tube with you, you can also consider using a copper plate to cover it.

Leaks That Need The Assistance Of An Air Conditioning Repair Service

Aluminum leaks are very hard to solder but a professional AC repair service can solder aluminum part in most cases, if not always.

Severe Leaks Where Air Conditioning Repair Is Not Feasible

Leaks that are a result of corrosion are severe and damage the internal walls of the coil as well. Corrosion related leaks damages the strength of your AC coil, and repairing them is not a good idea as there is no guarantee that the leak won’t come back.

If you find a corrosion related leak on your air conditioner, it is recommended to replace the entire AC coil with the help of a professional air conditioning repair service.

Take the Time to Find the Right Technician

If you need an air conditioner repair, especially during a heat wave, you probably feel like you can’t find a technician fast enough. Unfortunately, there have been many consumers who have had bad experiences with air conditioner service companies. They have lost money in a variety of ways. They have paid for air conditioner repair services that did not fix the problem. Some people have paid much more than the average rate for repairs and service. Others have been tricked into paying for unnecessary parts and services that cost them a significant amount of money.
It is a good idea to get recommendations before you hire an air conditioner repair technician or HVAC repair expert. You can ask friends, family or business associates for recommendations. You may be able to get recommendations from other contractors that you work with. Plumbers, handymen and construction experts often work closely with HVAC technicians and can provide a reference. It is not a good idea to hire someone that you do not know anything about. You can check reviews online. Your local Better Business Bureau will have information about local air conditioner repair technicians.
You may be able to find someone to provide air conditioner repair services any time of day or night. There may be substantial additional charges involved in having someone provide ac repair services outside of normal business hours. It may be worth the cost savings involved to wait until a weekday for the repair if it is possible. You can also reduce your repair costs by doing routine maintenance on your a/c unit. You will need to change the filters in the system regularly. It is also important to regularly replace certain parts as they age and repair any leaks in the system. Your air conditioner repair technician can recommend a maintenance schedule.