Popular Types of Custom Cabinetry

custom kitchen remodelInstalling custom cabinetry is an excellent way to remodel your kitchen so that it feels like new and has more storage space. Professional contractors can work with you to design cabinets that make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. You will feel like you have moved to a different home!

There are three major styles of custom kitchen cabinetry – classic, contemporary and modern. When choosing a kitchen cabinet design, you need to choose a style that best compliments the rest of your home. For example, if you already have a bright, airy, yet classic feel to your home décor, then you may want to go with French Country. If your style is more traditional and simple, you might want to select a solid Shaker design. For furniture and art that is more architectural and artistic, you may want to choose a modern style of cabinet in the kitchen to complement your scheme in the rest of the house.

Typically, the material used to make the cabinets will be a solid wood and plywood mix. There are a variety of beautiful finishes/veneers available with which your contractor can stain the cabinets. Some well-known veneers are maple, cherry mahogany, red oak, white oak, ash, and walnut. More exotic veneers include anigre, which is a yellowish brown which will make your cabinets appear as if they are made from tropical wood; birds eye maple, which is a veneer that copies the distinctive pattern of swirling eyes found in some of the hard maple woods; crotch mahogany, a feathered pattern on the wood to make it appear as if it were African or South American mahogoany; lacewood, a veneer that appears to be reddish-brown wood with a lacelike flecking; pearwood, a pinkish-tan light wood veneer, and zebra wood, which is a pattern of dark stripes on a lighter background.

Extra touches can be added to your custom cabinetry to make it more sophisticated and indicative of your personal style. For example, the cabinet doors can be fitted with glass inserts to show off the objects inside. Being able to see through your cabinet doors is especially nice if you have fine china or other prize objects to show off in your kitchen. Likewise, you may want to have lights installed inside the kitchen cabinets to make your elegant china easier to view.

The handles that you choose for your cabinets can make a world of difference in making the last finishing touches to your kitchen. For modern cabinet designs, you probably should not install handles but have cabinet doors that pull open from the bottom or side. Most handle styles detract from the modern aesthetic. If you do choose to have handles and your kitchen design is modern, then have thin handles installed to complement the modern look. Classic and contemporary cabinet styles will accommodate all different types of cabinet handles. Experiment with a few different types of handles to determine which best accompanies your cabinets.

Ask your contractor about the various styles, finishes, and accoutrements available for your custom cabinetry so that you can create a look for your kitchen that is as distinctive and stylish as the rest of your home.

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