Preventing Pet Obesity

There are many issues involved in keeping a pet healthy over the long term. Loving pet owners know they need to take their pets for regular veterinarian exams and keep their animals safe. Another critical issue in pet health is preventing pet obesity. It is becoming a common problem that many pet owners struggle with.

How can you maintain a healthy weight for your dog? There are a number of factors that you need to consider. The first is the dog’s overall health. You should meet with your veterinarian and get a full evaluation of your dog’s health. As long as your dog is in good shape, you can then discuss strategy for preventing pet obesity.

pet obesityOne strategy for preventing pet obesity is looking at the animal’s diet. Dogs will eat more calories than they need to consume. They love snacks and treats and can easily gain weight because of them. Ask your veterinarian to recommend some good pet foods and ask for guidance on feeding your dog properly. An occasional treat is acceptable, but the dog should have a balanced meal plan on a day-to-day basis. Dogs shouldn’t eat table food. It gets them in the habit of begging and they often ingest foods that make them sick.

Exercise is critical to preventing pet obesity. Dogs need daily exercise. If you can’t regularly walk your dog, consider hiring a dog walker or take them to doggie day care. This will be good for your pet’s health and attitude. Dogs tend to behave much better when they get consistent exercise. If you can walk your dog regularly, it’s good for both of you. It’s a fun time to bond with your dog and the exercise is good for you as well. Find out if there is a dog park in your area. These parks have open areas for your dog to run and play. Dogs can get a great workout in a dog park.

Managing pet obesity is a year-round issue. If it’s too cold to walk your dog, try other exercise strategies. Play games with your dog indoors. Throw a ball or toy for the animal to fetch. Encourage your dog to walk up and down stairs or move around the apartment with you. Explore doggie daycares, which often have pet exercise areas. This will help you prevent pet obesity in every season of the year.


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