Rolling Security Shutters for Commercial Purposes

commercial shuttersRolling security shutters can be used on the exterior and interior of your business premises to provide a solid, durable barrier which cannot be penetrated by burglars. Shutters can be custom fit to doors, windows, counters, and product cases.

For your storefront windows, you can select a security shutter that allows window shoppers to still see the products for sale in your windows, but keeps out any thieves looking to break the windows and steal those items from your store.

Security shutters may also be used to close off and protect storage areas located outside your business which are not protected by an alarm system, but which contain valuable products or tools that will be taken quickly if not protected.

Many pharmacies use security shutters to shut off the pharmacy area from the rest of the store when the pharmacy closes for the day, but the store remains open. The shutters create a strong, yet attractive deterrent to keep customers from entering the pharmacy area while shopping in the remainder of the store. In addition, the shutters create an additional impenetrable barrier to keep out thieves should the store be broken into after closing hours.

Rolling security shutters do not have to look ugly and industrial. They are available in a variety of colors and styles and are custom-crafted to suit your business needs. Therefore, do not think of the shutters as something that you will only use at night after your business shuts down. The shutters are beautiful enough that you will not be reluctant to let your clients see them throughout the business day.

Most of the shutters are made of aluminum. They are lightweight, very durable, and do not corrode. The shutters can be operated electronically by a keypad or remote (and manually, if you prefer). They can even be set to open and close to a timer. Now, many shutters can be controlled through the internet. Therefore, you may be able to operate them from your smartphone.

Rolling security shutters provide both a visible deterrent and physical barrier to prevent burglars from accessing products, tools, and information that you wish to keep secure inside your business premises. They are a great addition to your security alarm system to keep your business safe and provide much needed peace of mind.

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