Rolling Security Shutters for Residential Homes

residential shuttersUsually, when one thinks of rolling security shutters, those large ugly metal contraptions on storefronts come to mind. However, rolling security shutters can be beautiful, attractive additions to your home that in no way distract from its appeal.

Rolling security shutters are a great way to add heightened security to your home. If you are living in a neighborhood that suffers from a rash of break-ins, they can provide a durable barrier between your family and any burglars who may try to break in and threaten your safety.

In addition, security shutters provide better protection than an alarm system. They actually prevent break-ins. Alarm systems do not necessary prevent your home from being broken into; they just usually frighten away burglars after your home has already been penetrated. With an alarm system, you must still repair any damage caused by the break- in and suffer the loss of any items the perpetrators quickly grabbed before they were frightened off by the alarm. For example, you may have to repair a window or a door that has been smashed or disassembled by burglars attempting to access your home. With rolling security shutters, there is no damage to your home because no intruders are able to get inside in the first place.

Residential security shutters can be controlled manually, by a keypad, by a timer, or on the internet using your cell phone. We highly recommend using a timer device to operate your shutters if you are out-of-town but do not want thieves to know. The shutters can open during the day and close in the evening, making it seem as if someone is in the home operating them and discouraging criminals from targeting your home.

Rolling security shutters are custom-made to fit your windows, doors, or patio areas. They are available in custom colors to complement the inner and outer décor of your home. The shutters can be created to block out light from coming into your home or special slats can be used to allow light to filter into your rooms while maintaining your privacy and safety inside.

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