Rolling Security Shutters -Safeguarding Your Family

security shuttersSadly, in the world we live in, crime is becoming ever more prevalent. The economic hardships faced by many over the past several years coupled with intense prison overcrowding has been less than helpful to the quest for reduced crime. In these tough times, it is crucial that you take a tough stance on keeping your home and family as safe as possible, rolling security shutters are one great way to do just that. While these shutters have both residential and commercial applications, we are going to focus on how they can keep your home safe.

Rolling security shutters are retractable window and door covering systems. Many of you have probably seen them at work without realizing it. Just think of concession stands or stores in a mall and you can likely picture rolling shutters. While this may not seem like something you would want on your home, you will likely change your mind when you consider the following facts.

The Chicago Sun Times conducted a study of the greater Chicago area. After gathering data, they determined that crime levels have increased 21% in the past year. Even though you may not live in Chicago, several other studies have found similar numbers in the increase in crime rates across most large cities. Even more disturbing, the study by the Chicago Sun Times uncovered another interesting fact, security cameras did not decrease the occurrence of crimes. This means that even though you may have spent a ton of money on a home security camera, you may not be any safer than without it.

On the other hand, rolling security shutters have proven to be very effective at curving break in rates. Adding rolling security shutters to your home does one very important thing; it makes your house stand out as secure. Burglars are often looking for a soft target and seeing that you have security shutters let’s would be thieves know you mean business. As a matter of fact, a recent study indicated that adding security shutters decreased commercial break-ins by 70%. If rolling security shelters are this effective for a business, imagine what they can do for your home!

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