Security and Energy Savings

Many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Home security is also an important issue for many people. Investing in the right types of entry doors, storm doors and window coverings can provide you with energy savings and home security at the same time.

Many home invasions start with the doors. Thieves can easily break through a door that is weak, old or that doesn’t fit the frame well. They can damage the frame and pull the door out even if it is locked. A great deal of energy escapes from the home around the entry doors. Cold air can come in through the doors and make it hard to keep the house warm in the winter.

Steel and fiberglass doors can solve both home security and energy efficiency problems. Both types of door provide excellent home security. They are fitted securely in their frames and are very difficult for thieves to get around. They can also be painted to match the exterior of the home. These doors can also provide excellent weather protection. They will block the air flow that leads to energy loss in your home.

Another option for increasing your home security while making your home more energy efficient is rolling security shutters. These are shutters that roll over the doors and windows of your home and lock. These have been popular overseas for years and are beginning to become more popular in the U.S. These shutters are almost impossible to break through because they are so secure.

Rolling security shutters provide many energy-saving advantages. They can block out much of the harsh sunlight that can quickly overheat a room. This can save a lot of money on air conditioning during the summer. They also help keep your home warm during the summer. At night, when the shutters are closed, they will help trap heat inside your home instead of letting it escape. This will help lower your heating bill in addition to improving your home security.

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