Security Protection and Windows

criminalMany people worry about home safety because of home invasion. There are some things which can be done to and around your windows to deter unlawful entry though to help prevent home invasion. Here, one of the first things to think about is what do you have covering your windows? This is because when a thief can see through your windows, it is an enticement for breaking in to steal the items seen. So the first defense is to have 2 sets of drapes. That way what a person can see from the outside can be controlled. Now sheerer curtains will let the light in during the day and then a heavier drape can be used to pull across at night so nothing can be seen on the inside.

Also, keep all your bushes and shrubs trimmed to below the level of the windows. This way the thief can’t hide in the shrubs while cutting his way through any windows. Planting a few rose bushes or other thorny bushes can also be an another deterrent. Adding a second lock on your windows or installing a device which only allows the window to be opened a few inches is another option. Remember additionally that just because the windows are on the second or third floor, a thief may still target them.

This is because people are careless about locking upstairs and balcony windows, thinking that they are safe from being targeted. However; the thief knows that people think this, and it’s just an open invitation.

Now some issues that may make a house a target are not only windows which are left opened or unlocked, but cracks in the glass. So window strength is important. Therefore; if the windows have metal frames and the frames are corroded, their strength is deteriorated. Another red flag is if the window frames around wooden windows are broken, rotted or cracked. So the first thing to do is to replace any broken or cracked glass, repair any window frames which have fallen into disrepair. Another thought is to have stronger tempered glass installed into any windows which are vulnerable targets for thieves.

The best choice for window protection are rolling security shutters; they come in a variety of colors to match your homes exterior while keeping burglars from looking into your home.

Protection for the home isn’t just about the locks on the front doors, but how secure the windows are too.

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