Should Your Kitchen Island Be a Different Color than your Cabinets?

When you remodel your kitchen, you may decide to add or revamp a kitchen island. These islands are a common feature in most modern kitchens. They break up the space and provide a gathering area for people. Often, islands provide multiple functions, range tops can be built-in they house a vegetable sink. Many island feature seating for guests. The bottom of the island can provide much-need storage for pots, pans and other kitchen accessories.

Kitchen remodels typically include changes to the cabinets, appliances, flooring and islands. During many kitchen remodels, the cabinets are replaced or remodeled. Cabinets can age and begin to deteriorate. Older cabinets can look out of date. The wood or other surfaces of the cabinets set the tone for the kitchen. This is why cabinets are often the first consideration in kitchen remodels.

two tone kitchenDuring some kitchen remodels, homeowners decide to match their kitchen islands to the cabinetry. However, some designers recommend taking a different approach. Kitchen islands can be created in a different color than the cabinetry and enhance kitchen remodels.

What are the advantages of choosing a unique color for your kitchen island? If you choose granite for the surface of the island, it won’t match wood cabinets. A contrasting color will blend in more naturally than a color that almost, but not quite, matches. The kitchen island can add contrast in the room which adds visual interest. If the island doesn’t blend in exactly, it can make the room look larger and brighter. It can also become a focal point of the room which is a design advantage.

If you don’t want the kitchen island to be the same color as the cabinets, you can match it to something else in the room. There are many options, such as matching woodwork, paint color, wall paper, tiling or appliances. This gives the room symmetry.

If your cabinets are dark, a light, bright island will brighten the room and make it pop. If the cabinets are light, a dark island will add a distinctive point of interest. The island can act as an anchor to pull the design of kitchen remodels together.

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