Social Media Content That Works

social mediaBrands – it’s the goal of every manufacturer to have consumers follow their brand and be loyal to it. Social media has created an opportunity that’s very unique, which allows brands and consumers to connect a level that’s much more than just a monetary transaction.

In the past, brand followers really had no way to celebrate their loyalty to a brand. Social media has changed that. Social media has taken brand loyalty to a whole new level, taking that relationship to a whole deeper level.

As a follower of your brand, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can provide any content you want. Remember, with just one click of the mouse, your fan can exit. It’s very important for you to offer the kind of content that your followers want. Let’s look at the type of social media content that works.

  1. Content that Goes Deeper – The most casual fans may be okay with limited interaction with their brand. However, the more serious brand follower, the true fan, wants more. They want to see content that’s limited where only a small number to see. This additional content is desirable to those serious fans.

  2. Fan Content – One of the biggest thank you can give your fans is to share content they’ve created. Social media tends to overlook their audience. If you offer your fans this little thank you, you will be rewarded with happier, more loyal brand followers.

  3. Content that’s Shareable – We’ve all seen it on our Facebook profile – crazy pictures or videos, inspirational quotes, and all kinds of shareable content that is not associated with an actual brand. This type of content is freely shared on Facebook. So while it’s never a good idea to make it part of your auto scheduled posts, but instead share them randomly.

  4. Participating Content – Most social media interaction could be compared to being a passive stalker. Followers watch, read, and leave. But if you give them something to participate in, such as a contest, followers will be quick to participate. By offering your followers a way to participate it gets them involved.

  5. Content that’s Exclusive – If the content you are sharing on your social media is the same as what’s available elsewhere, why would your followers follow you. In order to get people to subscribe or follow you, there needs to be something of value being offered. So when you are putting your social media content together keep this in mind.

If you are ready to take on your social media content by yourself, good for you! However, if you feel like you need a hand in order to get it right, why not hire a marketing company.

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