Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social MediaSocial media marketing is simple and effective. If you are new to the social media world, the following tips are sure to help you get started:


Tip #1: Use Social Media to Connect with Your Email Subscribers

If you are looking to get more traffic on your social media websites, simply ask your email subscribers to follow you on Pinterest and/or Twitter and like you on Facebook. Make sure to tell the readers why they should follow you. Let them know that they will receive access to exclusive promotions that you will only offer via social media campaigns.


Tip #2: Require Users to Share Your Posts in order to Receive Promotions

Believe it or not, this is one of the quickest ways to increase your audience on Facebook and other social media sites. For example, if your business is massage therapy, you might offer a free massage to one lucky winner. In order to qualify for the drawing, the participant must like your page and share your post on their Facebook page, which makes your post available to more readers who might then like your page and share the post with their friends in order to try and win a portable massage chair or the free massage. This is a very quick way to exponentially increase your number of likes and/or followers.


Tip #3: Focus on Expanding Your Audience and Getting Attention First

Don’t focus so much on the bottom line. It may take awhile to notice an increase in profit from your social media, but it will come in time. The advantage to using social media marketing is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything. It just takes a little bit of your time and effort. The important thing is to attract attention to your business. The more attention your business has, the more likely consumers are to think of your business when their needs arise. You can simply start by posting relevant information on your site that will capture the reader’s interest and keep them wanting more.


Tip #4: Hire a Marketing Company to Help You Get Started

While social media is an effective marketing tool, it should not be used independently, but should instead be a part of a comprehensive marketing plan. Consider hire a marketing company to help you establish the best marketing strategy for your business.