Storing Swimming Pool Chemicals During the Winter

Pool chemicals cost money. It’s common to have swimming pool chemicals left over after the season. How should you store these chemicals so that they are usable in the spring? There are two things you need to consider. First, look at the shelf life of the products you want to store. Next, you’ll need to examine the best methods for storing those products.

Winterized backyard swimming poolYour worst enemies when it comes to using swimming pool chemicals are heat, light and moisture. You need to avoid these problems all year long to increase the life span of your products. Heat seems like the easiest problem to avoid, but if you store your chemicals in a sun porch or basement room that gets a lot of light, there is a chance they could overheat and break down. When this happens, the products become less effective quickly.

The chemicals shouldn’t be left directly on the floor and should be contained in waterproof containers. If the containers leak, cover them with waterproof materials so that the swimming pool chemicals don’t leak in dangerous areas. For safety’s sake, it’s important to store your swimming pool chemicals separately. Never store Muriatic acid and bleach-based chemicals close to one another. If you place them side by side, you could accidentally mix the chemicals together. Assume that a leak in the container is possible when estimating the distance between the chemicals for storage.

Check the expiration date on chemicals. You shouldn’t try to use products that are far beyond their expiration date as they will not be effective. Chlorine is a product that expires more quickly than some other products. If you find that you have a significant amount of chlorine left each year, order less chlorine during the summer so that you can save yourself money.

Don’t buy chemicals from big box stores. Instead, turn to swimming pool specialty stores. They rotate products more quickly while products tend to sit on shelves at big box stores for a long time. This will put you ahead as you’re buying fresher products.

When it comes to storing swimming pool chemicals in any season, it’s important to consider safety. If you have children or animals, you should keep the chemicals in a place they cannot access. Many people purchase lockable, weatherproof storage units that will protect everyone from accidents.

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