Storm Doors Versus Security Storm Doors

storm doorsStorm doors are popular in many areas of the country. They insulate the home against extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms and snowstorms. Storm doors can perform many functions such as sealing drafts, providing ventilation and making the home look more attractive. Basic storm doors can be inexpensive but they lack one important quality. Standard storm doors do not provide home security. These doors are easy for criminals to break or nudge open. The hinges aren’t strong so robbers can enter the property by compromising the hinges.

Security storm doors provide many of the functions of traditional storm doors while improving home security. Homes in every setting are vulnerable to invasion. Criminals are skilled at finding ways to break into homes. Often, they don’t have to look further than the front door. According to, weak hinges and ill-fitting doors are an easy way to force themselves into the home.

Security storm doors are available in basic and intricate styles that will coordinate with the design of the home. Some companies will work with the home owner to create a customized security storm door design that will combine style with home security. Some doors can be configured for roundtop projects. These doors come in both single and double door styles. The double door styles have the additional security feature of a primary door lock and a foot bolt on the second door.

Why do security storm doors provide additional home security? Many robberies take place when the criminal is able enter the front door by breaking the hinges or by picking locks. Security storm doors make this kind of entrance next to impossible. The doors are made of 16 gauge steel tubes welded to lasercut steel. The hinges on security storm doors feature steel vault pins and heavy duty hinges that make it impossible for a thief to enter through the hinge side of the door.

Security storm doors provide benefits in addition to providing enhanced home security. Most doors have hurricane grade construction. They shield the doors from high winds and water. The doors can also help improve heating and cooling efficiency in the home. The doors are tightly fitted to provide home security. This tightness prevents hot and cold air from escaping which can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

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