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Air Conditioning Repair Knowledge – 7 Causes For A Burned Out Compressor

Learning air conditioning repair is not possible without knowing how to diagnose and repair problems with the compressor. Unfortunately, many amateur and semi-professional AC repair technicians have no idea how to identify a faulty compressor.

Here are seven factors that cause a burned out compressor:

#1: Contamination Of Refrigerant

Moisture and other particles carried in by air to the refrigeration system can cause blockage and contamination in the piping, refrigerant and other devices. This will eventually cause the compressor to fail.

#2: Failure Of Fan or Disrupted Airflow

When the compressor fan fails to run or the airflow is blocked due to debris, foliage and contamination, but the compressor motor keeps on running, it produces excessive stress, eventually causing the compressor to give up. The first symptom to look for in most compressors is poor cooling and if the issue is attended right away, an expensive air conditioning repair can be avoided.

#3: Pressure Problems

The blockage in the refrigeration coil can cause excessive pressure on the sides. Needless to say, this results in poor cooling and a weak compressor, which eventually leads to an expensive air conditioning repair.

#4: Refrigeration Flooding

There are instances when liquid refrigerant enters the compressor and this can permanently damage the compressor. This usually happens when the system is overcharged.

#5: Refrigeration Oil Lubricant

Refrigeration oil lubricant leakage can cause you a lot of trouble, depending on the area it reaches. If it makes its way to the compressor and clogs in the pipe, it can build up excessive pressure that will eventually damage the compressor.

#6: Electrical Problems

Voltage fluctuations and poor power quality are usually the culprits of condenser failure which is a result of an electrical problem.

#7: Worn Out Parts

When the internal compressor parts start to wear out is can lead to a troublesome or failed compressor.

These are the seven most typically causes for a failed compressor that you need to know before performing an air conditioning repair. When in doubt, always turn to a trusted and knowledgeable AC repair company.