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Air Conditioner Repair Guide – Replacing Rotten Insulation

Yet another common problem as well as an important air conditioner repair is rotten insulation of your AC. It does not matter how well you keep your AC, with time, your insulation will wear down and this calls for an air conditioner repair or replacement. However, air conditioner repair need not always be called in from outside, if you can do it yourself. Fixing this problem is simple and here is how you do it in two simple steps.

STEP 1: it is the condensation on your AC lines that withers the insulation. This also means that your energy bills have been increasing for some time now. Hence, you need to install new insulation now and the first step is to peel off the old one. Once done, you need to measure the diameter of the two tubes. Take the measurement of the larger tube as the skinny one will not need insulation.

STEP 2: Carefully measure the entire length of the AC line and cut the insulation accordingly. Cut a few inches longer, in case you need extra. Now place the foam over the tube or wire and remove the adhesive liner. Carefully press the seam together as you go, as once you have glued them together, it’s difficult to take them apart.

NOTE: Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find the right insulation for your AC repair at any regular hardware store. That’s why you need to contact a refrigeration supply service or buy them from an online supplier. You may also contact your manufacturer to determine the right kind of insulation needed for your particular brand.

Replacing rotten insulation is now easy than ever but if you do not feel comfortable doing the work yourself, or you do not have the time, you can always call an air conditioner service to do the job for you.

DIY Air Conditioner Repair – Why Is It Important To Clean AC Ducts?

It goes without saying that one of the most important DIY air conditioner repair jobs is cleaning the AC ducts from time to time. Although, air conditioner ducts are hidden from view, they play a significant role in supplying fresh air to your home and removing pollutants from the air.

Reasons Behind AC Duct Blockage

AC ducts collect dust from your shoes, clothes, pets, dead skin and particles in the air like cigarette smoke. Collected dust can cut down the air flow significantly and this will result in moisture developing in your duct walls, which creates a perfect growing environment for mold.

For first timers who attempt an air conditioner repair, opening up the ducts can be a startling experience because the amount of accumulated dust is usually beyond their wildest imaginations.

Blocked duct not only affect the airflow but it also poses serious health problems. There is only one place for the accumulated dirt to settle: your lungs. AC ducts that are not cleaned for several years can damage your health and can result in developing serious breathing disorders. People with severe allergies should not attempt to clean their own duct work.

How Duct Cleaning Is Done

This DIY air conditioner repair task can be done with your home vacuum cleaner or by Brisbane air conditioning service, among others. Make sure that you open all the windows and doors in your home prior to cleaning the AC ducts. If you notice mold build up on the walls, it is recommended to use an antifungal cleaning solution that not only eliminates mold growth but can prevent future growths.

If the AC ducts are really long and your home vacuum cleaner can’t reach all the nook and corner, a DIY air conditioner repair may not be a good idea. You will need an HVAC industry specific AC duct cleaner to remove debris from your ducts.

The same goes for AC ducts that are made with materials such as fiberglass. Specialty tools are needed to clean duct work that are made with unique materials.

If you find out that your air conditioner ducts can’t be cleaned with your vacuum, consider hiring some repair service company like the air duct cleaning in Kansas City  to get the job done.

How To Hire The Best Air Conditioner Repair Company

One thing that remain true for air conditioner repair or any other maintenance task is that if you don’t hire the right person the first time, the problems will only get worse and end up costing more money in the end. Many customers simply Google and call the first air conditioner repair company for a quote, but making a blind, uniformed decision about a provider can help a mistake!

Customer Feedbacks, Ratings and Testimonials

The moment we find out that our AC is not working properly, our first impulse is to call a random air conditioner repair provider and schedule an appointment. Slow down and take a few minutes and read the company’s online feedback, ratings and customer testimonials.

Although, customer feedback and ratings can’t guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the experience, it can be a true reflection of the air conditioner repair company’s professionalism, experience and customer assistance.

Credentials and Experience

Most states in the US require an air conditioner repair company to have certifications to validate their eligibility. This not only ensures that the person you hire is technically trained to perform the repair, but it is also needed for the provider to secure insurance.

The next step is verifying the experience of the air conditioner repair technician. Ask them questions to reassure that they can repair your AC unit. Customers usually face two issues when verifying experience: first, servicemen that know to work on old air conditioners but do not have the same level of knowledge on modern machines and the second, ACs with peculiar designs that are not popular in the market.

These are challenging but manageable obstacles for an experienced air conditioner repair agency. However, for the inexperienced and the semi-experienced, they are too big of a problem.

Guarantee, Follow Ups and Communication

Air conditioner repair is an expensive line item. To make sure that your investment is worthwhile, you need a guarantee from the company that states all the repairs carried out are guaranteed for a certain amount of time. Air conditioners need periodic inspections, if you are happy with your provider ask them about a maintenance contract for annual check-ups.

DIY Air Conditioner Repair – How To Clean AC Coils Like A Pro

With summer approaching, it is a good idea to check your AC to make sure that everything is working perfectly. Prior to calling a professional air conditioner repair service to check your AC, if you feel up to the task you can inspect the unit for minor problems that can be resolved with equipment that you may already have.

Checking For Obstacles

Check for vining plants, grass, debris and other objects that can block the air flow to the intake of air into your air conditioner. Some of this debris should be removed with care to avoid them hampering the intake or exhaust system.

What To Use For Cleaning The Coils?

Air conditioner repair, especially cleaning the coils are not always done with specific coil cleaners, but people tend to use alternatives. However, it is better to stick to the manufacturer specified cleaning solutions as it will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning job. Moreover, you can be certain that these chemicals won’t harm the coils permanently.

Cleaning The Condenser Fins

Condenser fins are very sensitive areas and rough handling of this area can permanently damage your AC. Air conditioner service on these areas should be done with caution. Use a soft brush to remove the dust and dirt and use manufacture approved solutions to remove stubborn stains. However, never brush it roughly with a firm brush. Being one of the most sensitive areas of an AC, your caution plays an important role here.

While performing air conditioner repair on fins, it is common for the fins to dent. But fin combs can be used to sort this problem. Make sure that you also have fin combs readily available with you when repairing this area.

These are some of the most important steps to follow for an air conditioner repair job that includes the condenser coil.

If you do not feel comfortable performing these task, you should contact your local air conditioner repair company and they can service the unit for you; they have the knowledge and expertise to make sure the coils and fins are properly cleaned without damaging the AC unit.

One of Your Most Important Appliances: Air Conditioner

During the summer, an air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. Air conditioner repair and maintenance are an important part of making sure your appliance runs efficiently and effectively. An air conditioner that is not running properly can be very costly, making your energy bills sore. It also will not provide the cooling that you need to be comfortable in your home. An AC system that is taken care of properly will result in much lower electricity bills and better cooling from the air conditioning unit.
You can check with your local board of contractors or chamber of commerce when you look for an air conditioner repair technician. Like any business, there are some air conditioner repair technicians that excel at their jobs and there are others that do not provide the quality of service that customer’s desire. There are some steps you can take on your own to make your unit run more efficiently before your call for an air conditioner repair.

  1. It is important to replace the filter regularly. This will improve the efficiency of the unit and will also improve your air quality. It is especially important to replace the filter regularly. You should make sure that the air conditioner intake is not blocked in anyway.
  2. Often, especially in the springtime, bushes, trees and leaves can grow over the air supply to the air conditioner and this will cause problems. If you prune the growth, you may find that your AC unit runs much more efficiently.
  3. If your unit suddenly stops running, check the circuit breaker in your home. Sometimes, an air conditioner will cause a circuit breaker to blow a fuse.
  4. If your AC unit is not cooling effectively, investing in an air conditioner repair may seem expensive, but it often pays off in the long run. The air conditioner repair will make your unit run cooler and more efficiently which is better for you, your family and your ongoing electricity bills.

DIY Air Conditioning Repair Tools You Should Store In Your Garage

DIY air conditioning repair require you to have some tools ready so that you can repair or service your AC effectively. As long as you are not a highly experienced DIY air conditioning service person, you just need some basic tools to clean your AC from time to time:

Cleaning Tools For Air Conditioning Repair

A long brush and vacuum cleaner are the essential cleaning accessories that you should have. Your vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough to suck in debris and stubborn waste. A vacuum is used inside the air handler and other areas where you can’t reach with a cleaning brush.

De-greaser and spraying tools are mandatory to eliminate the stubborn stains and grease from your AC. These tools are satisfactory for basic cleaning purposes.

Other Tools For Air Conditioning Service

You also need a set of screwdrivers to remove the panel of your air conditioner. If your air conditioning unit uses disposable air filters, make sure to carry extra ones.

These tools and accessories are usually enough for a DIY air conditioning repair job. If your AC has mold growth, you not only have to remove it but use an anti-mold growth spray to prevent further growing for years.

It is important to check your air conditioner each year, usually before summers to make certain that they will function smoothly when you need them the most.

People leave their air conditioners unattended in fall and spring, only to find a lot of unexpected troubles in summer and winter. By cleaning the AC and removing debris, particles and animal waste etc from your air conditioning unit before start using them, you not only improve the air quality inside your home but this method also helps you to improve the energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repair And Replacement – How To Determine The Cooling Capacity

Doing a home inspection that involves calculations of heat gain appropriate for cooling capacity may not be possible. But an external inspection on the same will give you an idea. For example, the appropriate calculation is 36,000 BTU. This calculation will not be possible to do at home, but an external inspection will not only give you this information, you can also know the absence and presence of cooling sources of the building.

Cooling capacity requirement for your air conditioning repair and replacement:

  • For cooler climates as in the Northeastern United States the capacity is one ton/400 sq .ft. for commercial and one ton/500 to 1000 sq .ft. for Residential units.

  • For Space Pak Systems, one ton/400 to 800 sq .ft. is required.

  • A 3000 sq .ft. house needs a 5-ton unit. And in case of supply outlet count – An estimated 100 cfm @ 10 outlets = 1,000 cfm . Which means 2.5 tons is needed.

  • Try to stay away from BTUs of capacity than you actually need

An oversized A/C will have too much capacity and will rapidly drop the indoor temperature to such extent that the cooling cycle will be very short to allow sufficient decrease in the humidity level. It is true that indoor comfort is a balance between temperature and humidity.

Moreover, when the A/C will be turning on and off more frequently, the comfort level will decrease and this will also be hard on the equipment. Hence, it reduces its life span.

Turning the motor on and off frequently can damage the equipment and will result in expensive air conditioning repair and replacement.

If you notice that the on and off is unusually short, or the humidity level drops, you need to go for an air conditioning repair.