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Why You Should Consistently Change Your Print Advertising

Even with the advent of the Internet, print advertising is still a critical piece of your marketing campaign. Print materials can be handed out at trade shows, informal get-togethers and client meetings. Print materials are also a fun way to promote your company at community events like parades, races, fairs and festivals. Computer marketing is appropriate or practical for every situation. In some cases, it isn’t appropriate. Some consumers prefer materials they can refer back to over time. They may want to share the materials with other people without using a computer. Printed materials offer a personal feel in the digital age. Business cards, banners, brochures and packaging still form important parts of a company’s image.

die-cut brochurePrint advertising needs just as much attention as your online marketing materials. All of your advertising efforts should blend together to present a cohesive message. Company branding should be clear and all information should be consistent. Print advertising should not contradict the content you offer online. This can confuse customers. They won’t know which information source is the most accurate. In the modern world of computers, you still to need to change your print advertising to keep customers engaged. There are several issues you should consider when it comes to your printed marketing materials.

Graphic design

Graphic design styles change rapidly over time. Think about how a print advertisement might have looked in 2001 versus how it would look today. If the marketing piece featured people, their clothes and hairstyles would look outdated now. The graphics would look amateurish compared to modern graphics styles. Color preferences change over time. Mauve and blue were popular at one time but seem outdated to modern viewers. New printing options may include higher quality materials and easier to read text. Sometimes, a print advertising style becomes popular and many companies copy it. The design of marketing materials will look boring and average when consumers see the same thing too many times.

 Print advertising options become more robust over time. Photo quality increases dramatically on a regular basis. It used to be very expensive to integrate photographs into materials. Today, the cost is lower so photographs are commonly used. Graphic designers can integrate more detailed graphics, charts and drawings all the time. Because graphics are so informative, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations. Graphic designers can quickly consolidate information using charts, graphs, tabs and other tools. This often makes it easier for readers to absorb and understand what they’re reading.

Keeping up with changes

print designOutdated print advertising is of little value to your business. It confuses, misleads and irritates customers. Plan to update print advertising on a regular basis. Don’t create materials and expect to use them in their original form for long periods of time. Instead, create simpler marketing resources that are easy to update quickly.

Here are some examples of issues you should address when updating marketing materials:

  • New technology
  • New industry terminology
  • Increases in customer sophistication
  • Changes in your target audience
  • New products and services your company offers
  • Updated versions of software or applications
  • New product features
  • Modern graphic design
  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn

Always remove outdated information. If you have changed the name or model numbers of products, remove the old text from marketing materials. Never give customers marketing materials that contain outdated information on staff members and office locations. Create print advertising that clearly displays company contact information including Internet contact information.

Consistency with web marketing

Branding is an important part of any marketing effort. Your brand message should be consistent across all the marketing materials you create. The website should look similar to your Facebook page. Your Twitter avatar should be recognizable. Print materials and online resources should have the same graphic design. The content should be similar, although it does not need to be repetitive. Your logo needs to be clearly displayed.

custom web designIt’s essential to use a skilled graphic designer when you create your marketing products. Graphic designers can create a logo that is adaptable to all different types of media. Amateur graphic design can appear fuzzy, skewed or simply unprofessional. The branding won’t be consistent and clear. Logo colors must be carefully selected and matched so that they appear consistent in all your materials. Graphic designers can help you select the right kind of paper to optimize the professionalism of your promotional items.

Up to date printing options

A marketing consultant can help you explore new print advertising options. Printers constantly offer new products that you can use for your business. Brochures are created in a wide variety of styles, sizes, folds and paper types. Fliers can be created in different styles. Business card styles have evolved to include photos and other innovative features. Unless you have an intimate knowledge of marketing, you may not be aware of your print advertising options. It’s a good idea to regularly meet with an internal or external marketing expert.

The reality of modern marketing

Companies used to plan long-term marketing and advertising campaigns. Sometimes, they would print materials expecting to use them for years. Today, companies often revamp their print materials several times a year. They may change print ads to integrate new marketing campaigns. They may create specialty materials for new products. Companies often create targeted marketing materials for different customer groups. Because print advertising has become cheaper, it’s practical to change marketing materials on a constant basis. Sometimes, your marketing advisers may recommend that you create supplies for short-term campaigns like seasonal promotions or events. Printing companies can often turn around products quickly so you can develop materials as you need them.

Modern marketing should adapt to changes in consumer behavior. Customers search and use information in vastly different ways than they did just a few years ago. They are influenced by the availability of information and media on the Internet. If your company doesn’t have a dedicated marketing department, you can quickly fall out of step with recent trends. It may be worth the investment to work with a marketing consultant who is focused on emerging strategies. They can help you develop an initial strategy and change your print advertising strategy when necessary.