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Air Conditioning Repair Guide – How To Repair The AC Ducts

It is common for AC ducts to develop mechanical problems from time to time but with some knowledge in air conditioning repair, you can solve this problem without the help of a professional.

Ducts In Ground Contact

Many homes have AC ducts under their crawlspace and this is usually situated on the ground without any gap. If your AC ducts are installed this way, your air conditioning repair should not be restricted to resolving leaks and damage but you should also consider a different fitment for the ducts for better performance.

Ducts that are in direct contact with the ground lose hot and cold air while transporting it to the room. This results in high energy bills. Ground ducts are also prone to damages from mold growth and careless handling. Rodents can easily enter such ducts, which damage the air quality in your room.

Consider lifting your duct to gain better insulation and protection from mold growth and rodent entry.

Sharp Bends, Extensions and Excessive Length

Sharp bends in an air conditioner duct and too many extensions are known to cause temperature leaks, as these are areas very difficult to insulate. Before you start the air conditioning repair job on these parts, consider removing as many unwanted extensions as possible and try to cut the exact length. Once the air conditioning service is done, this will ensure better performance.

When you’re performing an air conditioning repair job, your focus should not be limited to resolving leaks and damage, but you should also concentrate on improving the efficiency by improving the insulation and removing unnecessary extensions. Although an expensive task, this approach will ensure that you’re saving a lot of money in the long run as energy bills will dramatically come down and rooms will be cooled with better efficiency.