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Air Conditioning Repair Guide – How To Choose The Optimum Air Filter

In this air conditioning repair guide, you will learn how to replace your old air filter with a brand new one that suits your requirements the best.

There are basically two types of air filters based on their filtering capacity. The former are high filtering filters that are suitable for people with allergic problems while the latter’s filtering capacity is not as high as the former.

5 Types Of Air Filters For Air Conditioning Repair

There are basically five types of air filters;

  1. Steel Air Filters or Washable Filters Although these air filters require very minimal maintenance, they are also the least efficient in cleaning the air. Their training capacity is usually just 1/20th of an advanced air filter. However, washable filters do not require cleaning as frequently as other air filters.

  2. Non-Electrostatic Plated FiltersThese filters are very similar to washable filters in filtering capacity.

  3. Non-Electrostatic Micro Plated FiltersBased on the same technology of non-electrostatic plated filters, the micro filters are more efficient in purifying the air, with at least 5 times of efficiency than the former.

  4. 3M Micro Allergen 1000 – 3M Micro Allergen 1000 is a highly efficient and advanced air filter that can capture at least 80% of allergens in air. If you are looking for pure air in your room and regular air conditioning repair to clean this air filter is not a letdown, this is the most recommended model.

  5. The 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen 1250This air filter is not recommended in homes where no one is suffering from serious allergic problems as they eliminates almost every allergen in air but requires regular cleaning.

When you consider an air conditioning repair to replace the existing air filter with a brand-new one, these are the five options you got.  You need to make a decision based on your requirements.