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Air Conditioning Repair Tips – How To Diagnose Refrigerant Problems

For an air conditioner, refrigerant coils are like our nervous system and even minor problems can affect your AC’s ability to cool the room. The good news, however, is that air conditioning repair is pretty easy provided that you have a good understanding on the refrigerant components and usual problems that they encounter.

Symptoms Of Refrigerant Problems

As many people think, identifying refrigerant leak is not a very difficult task because ACs leave many symptoms of an approaching air conditioning repair task!

The first thing to understand is that refrigerant is not supposed to run over with time but it should stay in the coil for many years. If this is not the case with your AC, there is a leakage that should be closed. Instead of simply filling the gas, it is recommended to resolve the leak first to ensure long-term reliability.

  • Low Air Temperature – The first sign of refrigerant leak is low air temperature. The temperature of air increases as the pressure of refrigerant loses. The AC will eventually reach a condition where it simply blows hot air.

  • Overcharging – Too much of refrigerant in the system is also not a good idea because it can damage the compressor by causing water clogs in the system.

Solving Refrigerant Problems

If you refrigerant problem is a result of refrigerant leakage, you can perform a DIY air conditioning repair to solve the problem. You need a gas detector to spot the leak and appropriate adhesives to fix it.

However, overcharging of the coil is an issue that you can’t solve without professional assistance. You need to contact you AC repair service to check the refrigerant pressure and bring it back to the manufacturer specified range.

To identify the problems with the refrigerant, check the cooling temperature and whenever you notice that it is not up to the mark, the refrigerant coil needs an inspection.