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Air Conditioning Repair Guide – Know Your Refrigerants

For those who like DIY air conditioning repair, or are hiring a professional to get the job done, should know about refrigerants as they are critical components of your AC.

The federal government has implemented a ban on CFC based refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer. Most modern day refrigerants are not harmful to ozone as they do not use CFC as an ingredient.


Ammonia is toxic but it’s lighter than air, thus, it never stays on the floor area, even if there is a leak. This is one of the oldest refrigerants known to man but is usually used in large commercial sector.

Sulfur Dioxide and Hydrocarbons

Sulfur Dioxide and hydrocarbons are also used in the air-conditioning system but are not very popular today.


Freon is a commonly used refrigerant in HVAC systems and other home AC units.

There are many other refrigerants, including water, used in air-conditioning systems, but some of them are banned due to the CFC content in it.

Although the government banned using Ozone-unfriendly refrigerants in newly installed air-conditioning units, there is no problem for using them in air conditioning repair or service on an older AC.

For instance, you can change the ozone unfriendly refrigerants in an existing unit with the same refrigerant, but it is not permitted with a brand-new unit.

Commercial Aspects Of Air Conditioning Service And Refrigerants

If you have a very old air-conditioning unit that uses refrigerants like R-22, which is ozone unfriendly, it is important to note that your air conditioning repair sessions are going to cost you a lot more in the future as a government imposed restriction reduced their production, and the price is also likely to get high.

If your unit is pretty old and requires a major overhaul, consider changing the unit with a brand-new one to avoid expensive air conditioning repair in future.

DIY Air Conditioning Repair Tools You Should Store In Your Garage

DIY air conditioning repair requires you to have some tools ready so that you can repair or service your AC effectively. If you are not a highly experienced DIY air conditioning service person, you just need some basic tools to clean your AC from time to time:

Cleaning Tools For Air Conditioning Repair

A long brush and vacuum cleaner are the essential cleaning accessories that you should have. Your vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough to suck in debris and stubborn waste. A vacuum is used inside the air handler and other areas where you can’t reach with a cleaning brush.

De-greaser and spraying tools are mandatory to eliminate the stubborn stains and grease from your AC. These tools will work for basic cleaning purposes.

Other Tools For Air Conditioning Service

You also need a set of screwdrivers to remove the panel of your air conditioner. If your air conditioning unit uses disposable air filters, make sure to carry extra ones.

These tools and accessories are usually enough for a DIY air conditioning repair job. If your AC has mold growth, you not only have to remove it but use an anti-mold growth spray to prevent further growth.

It is important to check your air conditioner each year, usually before summers to make certain that they will function smoothly when you need them the most.

People leave their air conditioners unattended in fall and spring, only to find a lot of unexpected troubles in summer and winter. By cleaning the AC and removing debris, particles and animal waste from your air conditioning unit before start using them, you not only improve the air quality inside your home, but this method also helps you to improve the energy efficiency.

DIY Air Conditioning Repair And Home Improvement – Why Install A Front End Air Filter

If you are a DIY fan, you can perform many simple air conditioning repair tasks, without professional assistance, to improve your air conditioner’s performance. Dust related problems can be serviced by you, and a couple of preventive measures can be taken without professional help. A good example is front end air filter.

What Is A Front End Air Filter And How Can It Help?

Installing a front end air filter is one of the easiest air conditioning repair tasks, but why do you need to do it? The return air inlet collects debris, dust and hair along with the air, and do you know where it is going to end? Yes, you guessed it right; your air handler is going to be a waste dump.

Regular air conditioning service will turn out to be a costly affair with air handlers that have stubborn stains. With minimal technical knowledge, you can say goodbye to this problem and this is where a front end air filter can help you.

Types Of Front End Air Filters

Stores that sell products for air conditioning repair usually have two types of front end air filters: one is a cheap version that have to be replaced monthly or quarterly (based on the manufacturer’s specifications) while the other is a washable version.

Those who are familiar with DIY air conditioning repair can go with the washable air filter model but for those that feel it is too much of a job, replaceable filters are the best choice.

In a nutshell, installing front end air filters have the following advantages:

  • It cuts down the maintenance costs since you don’t have to spend a lot on air handler cleaning.
  • Since the rate of particle clogging is very low, the electrostatic workload also minimizes, which means low energy bills.
  • Cleaning of other air filters such as the electrostatic air filter also have to be done less frequently as they are less likely to get dirty quicker.

This is a simple DIY air conditioning repair job anyone can do with basic knowledge on ACs.

DIY Air Conditioning Repair – Knowing Your AC’s Motors

With an abundance of information online, DIY air conditioning repair is not a daunting task for today’s handyman. You can ensure longevity and uncompromised performance for many years provided that you’re doing air conditioning service regularly.

An air conditioner has at least 3 motors to send hot or cold air to the room. These motors play a crucial role in your AC and knowing about them and how they functions, is important for air conditioning repair.

Indoor Blower Motor

The indoor blower motor moves the air to cooling or heating coils based on the user set preferences and then through the air conditioning ducts.

Compressor Refrigerant Motor

AC compressor gas needs to be converted into a liquid for an AC’s functioning. If gas coil sealing and other measures to maintain pressure in the coils are not working, the compressor motor is weak.

Condensate Pump Motor

The duty of the condensate pump motor is to remove the condensate from the air handler.

Repairing The AC Motors – Things You Need To Know

In most cases, air conditioning repair is not needed to make the AC motors work. Most faults are a result of the circuit switch getting turned off during an overload or voltage fluctuation. All you need to do is find the cut-off switch and turn it on.

If your air conditioner unit is a modern one, chances are that the cut-off switch resets automatically.

In the worst case scenario where the motor has to be replaced, it is recommended to hire a professional as you will need a completely new motor. Being a very sensitive part of the air conditioner, the motors should be replaced professionally for the smoother operation of an AC.

Being an expensive repair job, you want to try and get this AC, and it’s parts, covered by a warranty.