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Modern Gold Mining in the United States

Gold mining has been going on in the western United States for years. You may be used to thinking of Colorado as the location of most gold mines, but there are active mines in many areas of the west. If you are looking for gold mines for sale, you should consider Arizona. There are gold mines for sale in the Superstition Mountains, Kingman and Crown King. There are gold deposits in this area that have been exposed by erosion over the years.

Finding gold mines for sale may seem simple at first. Many companies offer gold mines for sale on the internet. There are some things you should understand before you spend money. When you purchase a gold mine, you are actually “staking a claim.” This is a term that has been around since the Gold Rush in the nineteenth century. The process of staking a claim is detailed in the General Mining Act of 1872. It describes the paperwork, fees and taxes that are involved in the claim process.

When you are finding gold mines for sale, you are actually looking for claims for sale. The claim means that you have claimed the right to the precious minerals in the land. In the case of Arizona gold mines for sale, you are mostly claiming the right to the gold in the land. When you purchase the claim, you will not own the land itself. You can’t build a house or another structure on the land. You don’t own the dirt or grass or gravel. You only own the mineral rights.

Companies that do surveying often offer claims for sale. Many people who are interesting in finding gold mines for sale turn to surveying companies. This is because it is extremely complicated to survey the land. It is much simpler to purchase a pre-established claim.