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What Chemicals Are Necessary for Closing a Pool?

Swimming pool closing isn’t a complicated task if you have the right tools. There are a variety of chemicals you need to use to close your swimming pool to prevent many different problems. Why is winterizing your swimming pool so important?  Keep in mind that the water is stagnant throughout the winter. Your water isn’t being circulated or filtered. The pool also isn’t being sanitized. Your pool becomes a perfect environment for algae to grow.

The chemicals serve a variety of purposes. First, they protect the pool from freezing weather. Next, the chemicals will help prevent the growth of algae which can become a serious problem. Good winterizing protects your pool equipment which is costly to replace. Finally, treating the water with the appropriate chemicals will make it easier for you to open the pool the following spring.

pool full of toysBefore you close the pool, you should thoroughly clean the pool and vacuum it to remove all debris. Do this before you add the chemicals. There are several swimming pool chemicals that you will need. Check the pH of the pool. If it is not in the appropriate range, add soda ash to the water to adjust the pH. You should check the alkalinity level and use an alkalinity increasing product to ensure that the water is in the right range. Always add a chlorine-based shock product which will dissolve quickly and clear the swimming pool of impurities.

Always add an algae control product to the water before covering it for the season. This is often referred to as a winterizer. These products are designed to kill and prevent algae throughout the entire winter season. A stain prevention product is important. It can prevent costly liner strains from building up due to metals and other minerals. The last thing you want to do in the spring is deal with a waterline buildup. All these chemicals work in conjunction with your winter pool cover to help you keep your pool in good condition even if there is a warm spring before you open your pool.