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Custom Built Kitchen for Special Dietary Needs

Sometimes a kitchen needs to be custom designed for special dietary needs. Now two types of diets which would need a special kitchen as examples would be would be kosher and gluten-free. This is because in a kosher kitchen, meat and dairy have to be completely kept separate. As far as a gluten-free kitchen, you can’t have any foods which contain gluten in contact with gluten-free utensils, preparation or cooking areas. So below is a description about what each kitchen needs to become either kosher or gluten-free.

For a kosher kitchen

Although having two sinks, two stoves and two different working areas is ideal, it’s really a personal choice. However; custom built cabinets designed to keep two sets of dishes, silverware, pots, bread trays, serving dishes and salt shakers will be needed. Also separate custom drawers will be needed for kitchen utensils and dish towels, etc.

When designing a kosher kitchen, everything must be designed with the thought in mind that meat and dairy can’t touch down to even fragments of the foods, and dishes or utensils cannot be reused; even after being washed, for foods other than that which they were designated for. So there will probably be a need for new countertops, possibly separate sinks and maybe a two-sided refrigerator. So talk to your contractor about the special needs of your kitchen.

For a Gluten-free kitchen

For a gluten-free kitchen, separation of foods that contain gluten from foods that do is a necessity. So having custom made kitchen cabinets to keep foods separate is one way to keep accomplish this. Also, keeping all the utensils for gluten-free preparation in a different drawer just for that purpose is important to avoid cross contamination.

In addition, it’s important to keep have two separate toasters and have separate condiments jars which are labeled gluten-free. Squeeze containers are really an excellent idea too since nothing can be entered into them from the top. Another thing to remember is to prepare gluten-free foods first when preparing meals. Too, thoroughly clean all counters before preparing a gluten-free food so that there is no casual use of an item from that day’s previous food preparation.

Having separate preparation areas for special dietary needs isn’t impossible; it just takes some custom planning.