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Why Does My Dog Smell Bad?

pet groomingOne of the biggest reasons that some dogs smell bad, and need grooming often, is that the dog’s anal glands are not expressing properly.

Animals have anal glands to mark their territory. Dogs use the smell of anal secretions to determine important facts about other dogs such as age and sex. This explains why dogs sniff each other so frequently. With domesticated dogs, the existence of the anal glands usually goes unnoticed by humans until they stop emptying properly. Suddenly, a most beloved dog is a stinky, itchy mess and the owner discovers for the first time that these glands are causing the problem.

Normally, the anal glands are naturally expressed when a dog has a bowel movement. However, frequently, the natural expression will not function properly. The area becomes itchy and uncomfortable and you will see the dog do embarrassing things to get relief such as scoot his rear end across your beautiful carpet or rug, sometimes leaving a brown streak behind.

If the dog’s glands are not regularly emptied for him, they can become impacted and infected. This can eventually lead to abscess or rupture and bleeding.

The most recommended method to take care of this is to schedule regular appointments with your groomer to express the anal glands manually. A groomer has the experience and training to know when the anal sacks are full just by feeling them. Wearing rubber gloves, he will gently squeeze the anal glands to remove the very stinky fluid. After that, he will bathe the dog to remove the offensive smell.

Most dogs having anal gland issues will only need this manual expression done once per month. However, with some dogs, the problem is so severe that it needs to be scheduled weekly. Although you may hesitate at the cost of taking your dog to the groomer weekly, in the long run, it will pay off. Your dog will be more comfortable and will not smell objectionable. You will enjoy spending time with him if he smells fresh and clean all the time; and you won’t worry when friends come over thinking that they are in a smelly house. More importantly, having his glands emptied regularly ensures that he will stay healthy and is less likely to develop infections or other problems.