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How to Choose the Right Pet to Adopt

It’s exciting when you decide to adopt a new pet. Most people have visions of finding an animal they can bond with for life. Pet adoption is serious because you are making a commitment to take care of an animal. There are several steps you should take before you choose an animal to adopt.

adopt a catPet health is an important consideration during adoption. Many strays and neglected animals have serious health problems that aren’t immediately apparent. If you adopt a pet from a reputable shelter, they probably have a veterinarian who evaluates each animal. They will give you pet health information at the time of adoption.

If you decide to adopt a stray or an animal with an unknown history, you should immediately bring the animal to a veterinarian for evaluation. You need complete pet health information before you bring the dog or cat home. Is it spayed or neutered? If not, your veterinarian will recommend this operation to help control animal overpopulation. The veterinarian can also check for various issues such as worms, bartnellosis (known as cat scratch fever), toxoplasmosis and numerous other issues. Pet health problems need to be addressed immediately. If not, your new pet could make your family or other pets sick. Most pet health issues can be treated by the veterinarian quickly if they are caught right away.

Visiting the veterinarian is also important for future pet health. Adopted animals may need a variety of vaccinations such as rabies, canine distemper, feline distemper, parainfluenza, bordetella and Lyme disease among others. These vaccinations are important because they can prevent serious illnesses down the road. The veterinarian will also give the pet a thorough examination to check for fleas, ticks and dental health.

Personality is an important part of pet adoption. Most people initially think about adopting kittens and puppies. Young animals are a lot of work and require patience and training. Older animals are often good choices for adoption. Their personalities are already formed so you will know what you are getting personality-wise. Older animals often fit in better with families than rambunctious puppies and kittens.