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Hiding Places for Kitchen Appliances

Appliances can quickly collect in a home, especially if family members are fond of cooking projects and related gadgets. The items take up counter space because there is nowhere to store them out of sight. This quickly creates a cluttered and unsophisticated look. During kitchen remodels, homeowners often try to address this issue through design.

One of the advantages of custom cabinet design use during kitchen remodels is that you can create storage elements that work for your particular needs. When you buy pre-fabricated cabinets, you have to adjust to the storage space that they provide. However, if you work with custom cabinet designers during kitchen remodels, you’ll find that you have limitless options when it comes to cabinet configuration.

During kitchen remodels, you can work with a designer that will evaluate your current kitchen and ask questions about how you use the products in your home. You will identify the items you use on a regular basis and need to be able to access quickly. You can also point out appliances that you rarely need so that the designer can create an ample, but less prominent space for them in the home.

built in microwave

Cabinets can be designed to hide small appliances like toasters, blenders and cooking accessories. Designers can create customer drawers to hold sharp knives which will eliminate the need for a butcher block on your counter. Your custom kitchen can include pull-out cutting boards that can be quickly cleaned and closed to keep the area looking clean. Revolving cabinets are another option during kitchen remodels. If the cabinet has the proper dimensions, it will fit items like crockpots, bread makers, scales and fondue pots.

You may think of drawer storage in terms of cutlery and your Urban Kitchen gadgets. Custom cabinetry designers can create drawers of any size that can store more than you might image. Drawers can be created for pots, pans, large bowls, appliances and large food boxes. There is no reason to have odds and ends strewn across the counters in your kitchen. You can work with a designer to create an uncluttered environment that is inviting and stylish.