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How to Backwash Properly

Backwashing your swimming pool filter is a very important part of pool maintenance. One reason why you need to backwash your filter is to remove all the bug parts, dirt and small particles that slipped through your pool skimmer. When you backwash too, it replaces the filter media, which is dirty, with clean media. The other reason to backwash is to keep your filter working properly. When the diatomaceous earth and sand in the filter becomes clogged, then it can cause clogging. When your filter becomes clogged then not only will the circulation be affected, but the filter pressure will as well. Without proper circulation though, the chemicals which are used won’t be spread throughout the water then.

How often to backwash

jump splashing poolHow often you need to backwash your pool is usually once a week as part of your regular pool maintenance. You also want to keep your water clean and clear, and the best time to backwash it then is after you have vacuumed so they go together. Since vacuuming will stir up everything on the bottom, when you backwash; after vacuuming, then the filter will suck up what’s left over too. This also will keep the new media from getting dirty right away. However, another factor to consider in how often to backwash is location. If your pool is under a tree where leaves and birds can spread debris, then you make have to backwash more frequently.

The backwash process

To determine when your pool filter needs backwashed, you need to check the pressure gauge on the filter housing. The filter pressure will have a starting pressure after adding new media. Most pressures will read between 10 and 14. You will need to backwash if your pressure is 10 psi higher than the what the starting pressure originally read.

The backwash process:

  • When you need to backwash your swimming pool filter, you will first go to the filter’s power supply and disconnect it. The you will need to find the release valve and turn it to the backwash setting. You’ll have water rush out as well as clumps of whatever filter media you use.
  • Next, you turn the pump back on with the release valve open. When the water is running clear, then turn off the pump.
  • The next step is to go to the release valve and turn it to rinse setting. For about 30 seconds turn the power back on the pump and let it run. Then repeat the backwashing and rinsing process to make sure all the debris is cleared from the filter and pump.
  • After you finish, check the pressure gauge to make sure the pressure is back to the point it started. Importantly, this is a general instruction. Nothing beats reading the actual directions from the manufacturer though.

If you want to keep your pool clean and clear, backwashing is a vital and important step.