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Ideas for Storage in a Small Bathroom

bathroom-displayA small bathroom has its own space issues for storage areas and in dealing with bathroom cabinets. So, finding a place to put your extra towels, makeup and personal items can be frustrating; not to mention almost impossible. But there are ways to add to the storage space in your tiny bathroom.

  • You can add a shelf above your sink for things you use every day or decoration.
  • Above your toilet is the perfect place for a cabinet and even some shelves. But if the space is still too small for those items, baskets can be used for storing toiletries or even extra towels.
  • Speaking of towels, if you don’t have the room on your walls for a towel rack, using the back of your bathroom door is an option. You can then hang items on the back of the door with an over the door towel rack or by using pegs, whichever will work for you.
  • What about mounting a shelf above your door? You can use this for the storage of items used less frequently, but they will still be within reach when needed.
  • Even if you do have a cabinet in your bathroom, you can hang your hairdryer on a peg on the inside of the door to free up cabinet space. Then it’s still easily accessible; or better yet you can buy an organizer which will hold styling products and your hairbrush.
  • If you buy cabinets with drawers inside the cabinet, it will maximize your storage space; plus you’ll be able to find things faster.
  • Another thought is to have a custom cabinet made for a narrow space. The cabinet can also have shelves and drawers. The shelves could be used for towels and the drawers for other items which need to be stored.
  • Something else in line with a custom cabinet is to have a built-in storage tower installed. Open shelving can be used to add splashes of color by placing your clean rolled towels in them.

In the end what may be best is having cabinets made to fit your small bathroom to give you the storage space you need.

Customizing Your Kitchen

Two of the main rooms which are often remodeled are the kitchen and the bathroom. Whether you are finally buying the home of your dreams or remodeling the kitchen in your present home having helpful advice is important.

IMG_20140206_125617_810One piece of advice is when you are remodeling your kitchen; custom cabinetry is an option that a lot of homeowners go for. When you have cabinets built to your specifications too, you can have them functional with the details you want and in the style you choose. There are also choices of finishes to choose from such crackle, faux or antiqued rub finishes. Also there are all the colors of the rainbow in both colors and stains which will match any shade you can think of.

Countertops are another item to think about, and there is an assortment of different styles and materials. You no longer have just the option of Formica, but you can choose the more sophisticated option of granite, glass, cement and stainless steel as well as butcher block. Plus, if you don’t want to get into the more off the wall counter tops, you can change the shape instead to your liking. By adding curves the countertops instead of the standard rectangle or square shape design too, it can give the kitchen a whole new look. This isn’t your grandmother’s kitchen!

Mixing and matching various materials is another trend that’s becoming popular in kitchens. Exposed wood beams, rustic looking brick walls with a fireplace and stained wood cabinets would give your kitchen a totally unique look here. It can give your kitchen a feeling of one of a kind and not just a cookie cutter look. This type of designing will give your kitchen a more personalized touch as well.

Custom storage is another hot topic in the kitchen as well. A new idea for storage is the charging station. This is a built in station in your kitchen for laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices. You can have a drawer or cabinet built in with plugs so you can charge your devices in one place out of sight here. Everything will be fully charged and at your fingertips too, no more hunting all over the house for a charger or fighting for plug space.

Customizing your kitchen can become a dream come true with all your dreams where you want them!

Renovate Instead of Selling


Do you feel like your house is too small or that it’s out- of-date? Do you think that your home looks unstylish when you compare it with other homes? Are you frustrated with the lack of storage space in your home? Does the clutter that results from a lack of good storage make you feel like the walls are closing in on you?

These are common problems that many families have as they grow into their homes. Often, it’s tempting to look for a new home that will magically solve all the problems that you are experiencing. Finding the right home can be a time-consuming venture. Moving is complicated and expensive. You may find that you trade the problems in your old home for new frustrations in a new home.


Before you made the decision to move, you should consider renovating your current home with custom cabinetry. This can provide advantages to you on a number of levels. First, you may find that by installing new custom cabinetry in your kitchen, bath and bedrooms, you will increase the amount of storage space that you have available. You’ll also update and modernize the look of these rooms through installing custom cabinetry.

You can also take steps to renovate other parts of your home to make it more livable. When you make these investments, you will be increasing the value of your home. If, down the road, you decide to sell, your home’s value will increase significantly. Imagine installing new custom cabinetry that takes advantage of the floor space in your home. This will make storage easier for you and will make your bedrooms and hallways look more stylish. These will also be attractive to buyers who are looking for these very features in a new home. Another improvement you can make is the installment of a media center. People who install these centers and other kinds of custom cabinetry find they enjoy their media more and their home looks more up-to-date.