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Best Wood Choices for Master Bath Cabinetry

custom bathroom cabinetsElegant wood cabinetry is a popular trend in bathroom remodeling. Properly constructed and finished wooden drawers, cabinets, shelves, vanities, and wardrobes will not only provide stylish “furniture” for your bathroom, but also provide much needed storage space. Fine wooden cabinetry can be added to any bathroom, not just new bathrooms. A professional contractor can measure the spaces in our old bathroom and design custom wooden cabinets and other woodworking details to make your bathroom a luxurious room in your home.

One concern that many people have before adding custom wood items to their bathroom is that the wood may not hold up long under the severely humid conditions of a bathroom, particularly resulting from the use of hot showers. However, with a proper construction and finish, any cabinet, shelving, etc. made of wood will last for many years to come, no matter the extreme level of humidity. A good contractor will construct these pieces for your bathroom by first coating the pieces with a finish to help “weather-proof” them. Some contractors use a polyurethane finish to do this but other types of finishes can work well, too. Both the outside and inside parts of the piece being constructed should be carefully coated in the finish.

For those concerned that a good coating of weather-proofing finish is not enough, have the cabinetry in your bathroom constructed from a wood that does well in severe weather conditions – such as teak. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is pretty resistant to rot. It typically does not need to be polished and is very durable. Ipe and Australian jarrah are also weather resistant woods that could provide more durability in a humid bathroom environment. Ipe, an Brazilian walnut, is so durable, that it is even fire resistant. It is typically used for decks and siding on the outside of homes. Australian Jarrah is a heavy wood that is termite resistant. It is used frequently for outdoor furniture and construction. Although they are frequently used for outdoor purposes, both types of wood are beautiful enough to use to construct furniture for your posh master bath.

When you first meet with your bathroom contractor, keep all of this in mind and discuss the types of woods and finishes that can be used in the construction and installation of your new bathroom cabinetry.

How Custom Cabinetry can Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

custom cabinetryThe master bathroom is an important space. This is the room that you visit in the morning and unwind at night before bed. Why not make the best use and the most use of the master bathroom? So, it’s time to start planning your master bathroom remodeling project. How can you transform a utilitarian bathroom into a lovely spa retreat?


Two words: custom cabinetry. Although stock cabinets and semi-custom cabinets are fine options, and will improve the look and value of your master bathroom, custom cabinetry with ornate or clean-cut woodworking details will amp up the luxury and style. In addition, adding custom cabinets will add even more value to your home. If you are going to remodel, why not do it the way you really want and do it the way that is unique to your needs?


There are spaces where custom cabinetry will enhance your master bathroom: mirrors, storage, and vanity.


When you think about custom cabinets, mirrors aren’t necessarily the first item that comes to mind. However, custom cabinetry includes the framing around mirrors. There are different shapes and sizes of mirrors that can be included in your master bathroom remodeling project, as mirrors enhance the look and feel of a room. Mirrors are used to make a bathroom appear larger, and they can be oval, rectangular, round, or square. You can have one large mirror, or two or more smaller mirrors. The options are tailored to your personal taste.


Cabinets are needed for storing linens and toiletries. Why not make them attractive as well as useful? Custom cabinets can created with the finest wood tailored to your favorite color of wood and carefully installed with stellar construction to fit the dimensions in any size bathroom to ensure that every available inch of space is used. The doors and knobs can also be used to decorate the cabinets.


Bathroom vanities are important spaces, as this is where the mirrors, the sink (or sinks), and storage meet. Custom cabinets can make this heavily used space beautiful, easy to organize, and unobtrusive for any size of bathroom.

So now you are aware of three places where custom cabinetry can beautify and transform your bathroom why not get started on your master bathroom remodeling project?