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Luxury Master Bathrooms

Some homeowners have interesting ideas for luxury bathrooms. Not a simple shower stall and a plain tile floor, they like to relax in comfort. Below are some descriptions of what a contractor can do for the wealthy:

  • For a touch of the royal, what about gold accents, tiles in a mosaic pattern and crystal chandeliers? Top this off with bathroom cabinets in zebrawood and bathroom furniture which is streamlined but comfortable. Perfect after a long day at the office.
  • What about marble floors and walls finished in Venetian gold for luxury? The ceilings can be arched with stone columns with embellishments. Also, what about having a soaking tub in front of a fireplace for a romantic rendezvous.
  • For a tropical touch, soak in a free-standing, red bathtub surrounded by all white walls and high ceilings. A painted mural on the wall will bring the tropics into the room, with succulents and driftwood added as decorations for the perfect accents.
  • A touch of the East in a luxury bathroom may include wallpaper in a bird pattern. The floors can be yellow with a lacquer room divider for undressing behind it. An elevated white bathtub with Chinese lanterns for lighting rounds out the room’s feel.
  • The Victorian Era may bring a white slipper bath to the front and center. It can be surrounded by wallpaper and décor in shades of pink with rose accents; floral touches will abound. The tiles can be marble in a warm shade of brown to bring it all together. Fluffy towels and ankle soft bathroom rugs complete the picture.

Freestanding baths, showers with multiple showerheads like falling rain, exquisite lighting, and soft fluffy towels are hall marks of a luxury bathroom. Lots of room for storage of personal needs and nothing shows which shouldn’t be out.

These types of master bathrooms are truly for comfort and relaxation.

The Three Key Elements of a Successful Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a complicated project. Many people upgrade their bathroom to make it more modern. They want to improve its appearance and get rid of unstylish and out-of-date fixtures. In other cases, people are focused on making the bathroom more comfortable and inviting.

bathroom renovationWhether you are renovating a master bathroom or family bathroom, you’ll want to focus on the three key elements of successful bathroom renovations. The improvements should make the bathroom modern, attractive and functional. These upgrades make the bathroom more pleasant and can be attractive to potential buyers.

Bathrooms in older homes are often far out of date. The fixtures may not function properly anymore. There are many bathtub and shower options available today than there were 30 years ago. Homeowners often add modern features like steam showers or large bathtubs. They also typically modernize the colors in the room so it does not appear out-of-date. Older bathrooms often don’t provide appropriate amount of cabinet space. Today, users expect to be able to store towels, toiletries and many other items in their bathroom. Even if the bathroom is awkwardly shaped, custom cabinetry can create space throughout the room. Cabinets can be built around bath fixtures and in corners.

The attractiveness of the room is very important in a bathroom renovation, especially if you are considering selling the home. Your bathroom should have a pleasing color scheme and fashionable features. Bathroom cabinets can add to the attractiveness of the room. Cabinets make space for storage which makes the room appear less cluttered. There are many styles of bathroom cabinets, some with custom woodwork, that can help you add a unique touch to your bathroom renovation.

Functionality is another key to a successful bathroom renovation. Bathrooms should be easy and convenient to use. One thing many homeowners struggle with is storage space. They put racks over toilets or try to cram towels into tiny cabinets. They may have a cluttered counter space because they simply don’t have enough cabinetry. Standard cabinets from home improvement stores don’t fit well into many bathroom shapes, but custom cabinetry can be created in any size, style or shape to help improve the functionality of a bathroom.

How to Make the Most out of a Small Master Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be frustrating. The lack of space, especially storage space can make life in small bathroom seem difficult. The average bathroom in a home older than 30 years is about half the size of a modern bathroom. However, a bathroom renovation can help you take advantage of the space you have so that your bathroom feels larger.

When you undertake a bathroom renovation on a small room, think carefully about the amount of light in the room. Some smaller spaces don’t have windows. If this is the case, you should use light paint colors to keep the room from looking dark. Consider incorporating a large mirror and plenty of lighting during your bathroom renovation to make the space seem larger.

One of the key problems with a small bathroom is the lack of places to put things. Think of all the things you could store conveniently in your bathroom if you had the appropriate space. You might try to make do with crates, over-the-toilet cabinets or plastic bins. These can make the bathroom appear cluttered which will make the room feel even smaller.

custom bathroomIf you do some simple bathroom renovations, you can maximize the space you have. Custom cabinetry is one of the best options during a bathroom renovation. Standard cabinetry often fits awkwardly into small spaces. It doesn’t help you make the most of unusually shaped spaces. Cabinets can be constructed that fit under counters, in small corners or in other unusually shaped spaces. You can also request cabinets on the side counters of sinks to increase space in an unusual way.

It’s tempting to use a pedestal sink in a smaller room, but this could actually cost you usable sink. If you have a custom-built vanity with a sink, you’ll have use of the storage underneath the sink. The vanity can be shaped in a variety of ways to give you as much room as possible in your bathroom. It can be curved, square or built into the corner to provide you with additional storage space. When you work with a custom cabinet designer, you can explain your needs thoroughly. The cabinet-maker can visit your home and make recommendations about how you can make more space in a cramped room.

Benefits to Adding a Half Bath Downstairs

Adding a half bath to the downstairs part of a home is one of the most common bathroom renovation projects. That’s because this type of bathroom renovation provides the homeowner with many advantages. It’s also a good investment because it is an appealing feature to future prospective home buyers.

A half bath can help you preserve the privacy of your home. If you don’t have one, visitors will have to go upstairs to the master bath or family bathroom. A half bath allows you to keep guests out of other areas of your home. This can be a great advantage if you don’t want visitors to see dirty laundry or other private items.

Half baths can be created in a variety of ways. Sometimes, old storage closets can be converted into a bathroom. The bathroom can be fitted in under staircases or even incorporated into part of the garage. In other cases, part of a room such as the living room or kitchen is sectioned off for the bathroom renovation.

custom vanityWhen you’re planning your bathroom renovation, keep in mind that a half bath does not need to be large. If it’s too small, it will be difficult to use, but if the room is around four feet by eight feet, it will give users plenty of room. If the room is small, you can add a minimum number of fixtures.

No matter what the size of the room, you will still need storage space for toiletries, toilet paper, extra soap and towels. Instead of placing these items awkwardly in baskets, consider using custom cabinetry to increase the storage space in your bathroom renovation. The advantage of custom cabinets is that they can be created to perfectly fit the shape of the available space. They’ll blend naturally into the room.

During bathroom renovations, you can place cabinets around the sink or near the toilet area to create storage even in the smallest rooms. When you select custom cabinetry, you will have a wide variety of choices for your cabinet. You can select the type and color of wood. You can request custom woodworking features that will make your half bath functional and unique.

The Benefits of Adding a Second Bathroom Sink

Because bathroom renovation is such a significant undertaking, it’s worth the time and money to do the project right. If you scrimp on details, you’ll end up frustrated with the results. Your bathroom renovation investment also won’t reap as many financial benefits when it comes time to sell your home. If multiple people live in a home, they often use the bathroom sink at the same time to brush their teeth, dry hair, put on makeup and perform other activities. A second sink can make the room more functional and convenient by making space for multiple users.

custom bathroom sinkThe cabinets that hold double sinks are significantly longer than those that hold a single sink. This type of bathroom renovation provides a great deal more counter space for users. There are more places for storing materials on the sink. A custom cabinet can be created to fit underneath the double sink. The cabinet can be created in any style that you choose. Some customers request sliding drawers in a variety of styles. Large sliding drawers can be used to store towels and clothing. Smaller drawers can be created to hold toiletries and other supplies. You can request drawers in the width, length and depth that correspond to how you’ll use the space. You won’t have to cram things in where they fit. Instead, you’ll create spaces for the items you use in the way that you use them.

If you take advantage of the space underneath the double sink, you will get more functionality from your bathroom renovation. If you buy pre-made cabinets, you may have to compromise on the functionality or size. A custom cabinet can be built to any specifications you like. Custom cabinets will also fit exactly into the space you want. You can combine the area underneath both sinks to create a large shared space or divide it into separate spaces to create a private space for two users.

During a bathroom renovation, some homeowners choose to put mirrors directly over the double sink. Simple mirrors can be attractive but may not add enough functionality on their own. A designer can create cabinets or shelves that coordinate with mirrors. You can request shelves around the mirrors. The mirrors can also be built directly into cabinets that will provide valuable storage space as a part of your bathroom renovation.

How to Maximize Space in a Cramped Family Bathroom

Family bathrooms often get cramped. The older children get, the more space they use in a bathroom. It can get frustrating to try to fit toiletries, supplies and towels into a small space that your family has outgrown. The original bathroom design might have been more appropriate for a smaller family. The bathroom might be a copy of a model that was used in several houses and isn’t customized enough for your needs.

A bathroom renovation can help you maximize your space while adding value to your home. Bathrooms are one of the first features that home buyers consider. If your bathroom appears out of date, shabby or small, buyers will be less interested. A bathroom renovation can make your home much more attractive and functional at the same time. .

custom bathroom cabinetsThere are many features that you can incorporate into a bathroom renovation project. Double sinks are a great asset in family bathrooms because they allow two people to use the room at the same time. People can apply makeup, brush their teeth and wash their faces without interrupting one another. This convenience can cut down on the morning and evening bathroom rush.

Custom cabinets can enhance a bathroom renovation project. An experienced designer can create a cabinet system that is created exactly for your needs. He or she will examine the space and ask questions about how you use the room. How many people use this bathroom? What kind of storage do they need? What are your priorities for this bathroom renovation? The answers to these questions will give the designer the information he or she needs to assist you with your bathroom renovation.

Custom cabinetry offers advantages over mass-produced cabinetry when it comes to making the most of the space you have. The designer can adapt to the size and shape of the room to help you use the space. The designer may recommend taller instead of wider cabinets. These will provide additional storage space while making the room appear larger than wide cabinets might. The designer can adapt designs to small corners and odd shapes to provide more counter space or storage. You won’t have these options if you purchase pre-made cabinetry.

Master Bath Renovation – Adding a Custom-Made Vanity

master bath custom cabinetsSo you are remodeling your master bathroom and have added some great luxury items such as a whirl-pool tub and towel-warming drawers. Why not add a custom-made vanity to make every visit to your bathroom feel even more like an indulgent spa retreat?

A skilled contractor, preferably one that specializes in custom cabinetry, can remove the plain sink and mirror from your old bathroom, and replace them with a specialized, molded vanity that is a work of art. A stunning vanity cannot be bought premade from a store. It must be constructed precisely for your bathroom space and according to your individual desires and needs.

Contemporary bathrooms need a custom vanity table. Current trends are to build the vanity so that is looks like a separate piece of furniture sitting in your bathroom, not a fixture attached to the wall. Choose a quality wood and finish. Talk to your contractor about the types of wood that survive best under the humid conditions in a bathroom. Match the color of the wood and finish to the tile and paint or wallpaper that you will use when remodeling the room.

One great woodworking detail that can be added to your vanity is carved legs. Carved legs will make the vanity look expensive and sophisticated and add to the feel that it is a separate piece of furniture in the room.

Adding drawers and shelves to the vanity is also a good move. The shelves will add extra storage space and enable you to access toiletries and cosmetics nearby. You may also want to store hand towels and wash cloths in the vanity for quick access. Open shelves are great to display any valued items or to set frequently used items that you want to grab quickly.

Recently, a lot of vanities are created to resemble pieces of furniture from the dining room or bedroom. For example, contractors will make the vanity look like a sideboard or credenza from the dining room or an antique dresser from the bedroom. Sometimes, contractors will even begin their project with these old pieces of furniture, sand them down and refinish them, cut out an area to install the sink bowl and piping, and create a vanity from them. The result is a beautiful vintage piece in your bathroom that looks amazing and becomes the focal point of the room.

Talk to your contractor about constructing a vanity as part of your master bathroom renovation project. This striking piece will add to beauty and value to your new master bath.