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Different Types of Master Bathroom Ideas

If you’re tired of having an old boring bathroom, here are some different ideas to spruce things up. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be four walls, a tub with a shower and a sink. It can be something a little more exciting. Something to lay back and relax in, or smile satisfied in while blow drying your hair. Below are some ideas which may work for you:

  • Natural Bathroom: A natural bathroom could have tiles that are shades of gray and brown. Walls in cream with tile accents would bring it all together. Plants are hanging from the windows and cabinets in shades of green with lots of storage space. The tub/shower area could be finished in the same color of tiles. To top it off you might consider having fluffy green towels hanging from the racks for easy access.
  • Cottage Style bathroom: A cottage style bathroom would have wainscoting, lots of cabinets and double vanities. The tub would be a pedestal tub deep enough to sink in and relax. There would be an area for candles to add a romantic flair. There would also be a comfy chair at a dressing table for putting on makeup and doing your hair. It would have the air of relaxation and English timelessness.
  • Spa bathroom: A spa bath would have a large soaking tub. The shower would have an oversized head on it so that it would bring water like the summer rain. Large windows would allow in light to dance on the marble tile floor. There would be shutters on the lower windows for privacy. Extra storage could be under the ledge of the tub for towels and bath products. Plants placed on trays and shelves and artwork on the bathroom walls would give it an old-world spa feel.

Making your master bathroom to suit you is one of life’s pleasures.

Luxury Master Bathrooms

Some homeowners have interesting ideas for luxury bathrooms. Not a simple shower stall and a plain tile floor, they like to relax in comfort. Below are some descriptions of what a contractor can do for the wealthy:

  • For a touch of the royal, what about gold accents, tiles in a mosaic pattern and crystal chandeliers? Top this off with bathroom cabinets in zebrawood and bathroom furniture which is streamlined but comfortable. Perfect after a long day at the office.
  • What about marble floors and walls finished in Venetian gold for luxury? The ceilings can be arched with stone columns with embellishments. Also, what about having a soaking tub in front of a fireplace for a romantic rendezvous.
  • For a tropical touch, soak in a free-standing, red bathtub surrounded by all white walls and high ceilings. A painted mural on the wall will bring the tropics into the room, with succulents and driftwood added as decorations for the perfect accents.
  • A touch of the East in a luxury bathroom may include wallpaper in a bird pattern. The floors can be yellow with a lacquer room divider for undressing behind it. An elevated white bathtub with Chinese lanterns for lighting rounds out the room’s feel.
  • The Victorian Era may bring a white slipper bath to the front and center. It can be surrounded by wallpaper and décor in shades of pink with rose accents; floral touches will abound. The tiles can be marble in a warm shade of brown to bring it all together. Fluffy towels and ankle soft bathroom rugs complete the picture.

Freestanding baths, showers with multiple showerheads like falling rain, exquisite lighting, and soft fluffy towels are hall marks of a luxury bathroom. Lots of room for storage of personal needs and nothing shows which shouldn’t be out.

These types of master bathrooms are truly for comfort and relaxation.

How to Build a Luxury Bathroom on a Tight Budget

You have a tight budget, but you want a bathroom that is luxurious. Here, all it takes is planning and the right contractor. So, you need to research your project and contractor and plan on how it’s going to be completed, and ask questions. By discussing your budget with your professional contractor and asking for advice where you should stay firm, you’ll be sure to stay within it. So, what would be some luxury features you may want in your new bathroom that your contractor can help you decide upon?

Luxury features on a budget

If you have the typical 5×8 bathroom, you can still add some luxury. You just have to use the space you have correctly. So, a nice bathroom is possible. Then one of the first steps is to install a whirlpool/steam tub/shower unit.

If you don’t have room for that, then replace your tub with a deeper soaking one. You can also have several pulsating shower heads that massage your whole body. Additionally, you can create a feeling of luxury by using the right the materials and add ons in the bathroom. Install decorative moldings, marble vanity tops or even a skylight. Install rollout trash bins to avoid taking up extra floor space. Or, extend the vanity top across the top of the commode. It will give you extra counter space for necessities.

What else?

You can make the most of what storage space you do have with the perfect vanity. If it has a vanity toe kick, then a low voltage light can be installed to provide a touch of class as well as work as a nightlight. In addition, plan to have lots of lighting around the vanity mirror for putting on makeup or shaving if this is the case.

If you plan and shop carefully, you can have a custom-made and elegant bathroom on a small budget.

How to Maximize the Design in a Small Guest Bath

When you have a small bathroom in your home, there are ways to make it appear larger than it is without major remodeling. Because custom remodeling by knocking out walls isn’t always something you can do perhaps due to a tight budget or local codes, so you have to think of other options. For instance, using color can make a room appear larger or smaller. So using a color which is soft and pale will give the illusion of space. If bright or strong colors are used as accents such as with towels or shower curtains, this is even better.

In addition, using reflective surfaces and glass will open up the room. For example, instead of a frosted glass door or a shower curtain, a clear glass shower door will give the appearance of more space. Too, by having custom cabinets and shelves installed, you can use reflective surfaces to give it an expansive feeling. By using two mirrors on opposite walls also, their reflections will make it appear that there’s space even though there isn’t.

Additionally, if you install skylights, a large window or even glass block windows; this will provide sunlight and an open airy feeling. If natural light isn’t possible, you can also turn to artificial light. Further, by using recessed lighting you have the brightness without the feeling of something hanging over you.

Another thought is if there’s already a cabinet for storage, then replacing the regular sink with a pedestal sink will make the floor appear larger. You won’t really be able to take advantage of all its uses, but it will make the eye believe that the room is larger than it looks.

Too, if instead of shelves you have custom designed drawers for towels and bathroom toiletries, then the room won’t appear cluttered because everything is neatly tucked away.

A small bathroom can be made to appear bigger if you use some of these tips.

Features of a Custom Special Needs Bathroom

If you or someone who lives with you is disabled, having every part of the home accessible is important. This can include having a bathroom with special features to accommodate the disability. Because for a person who’s disabled, trying to use a standard bathroom can be extremely frustrating, not to mention challenging. Now when custom designing a special needs bathroom it needs to be not only functional, but comfortable and relaxing too. So what kind of special features are needed? Well, below is a list of thoughts for features in a custom designed special needs bathroom.

  • Modern technology is very helpful. So digital facets can be installed which have motion sensors so that stretching and reaching for the water taps and showerheads isn’t necessary. Also, water which is remote controlled as well as the water pressure too is even more handy. There are even remote controls for turning off and on lights and opening and shutting doors.
  • Walk-in showers can be both elegant and functional. There are also walk-in showers at floor level so that a wheelchair can ride into them. Wheelchairs can be made water resistant too so it’s easier entering and exiting showers. Also, having a sliding door installed that’s not as difficult to open and close can be done.
  • Custom toilets can be ordered for more comfortability at specific heights. Now to help with getting onto the seat, find out what the comfort zone is for the person and then get the measurements. It will be customized for the person and can even include safety bars to help with getting up and down.
  • Sinks can be designed so that a wheelchair will fit comfortably under them so that a disabled person can reach the sink to wash face and hands. Brushing teeth is also made easier with a custom designed sink. Additionally, custom build cabinets can be made so that the person can reach towels and other personal need items.

A bathroom for a disabled person can be functional, elegant and relaxing too.

Designing a Kid Friendly Bathroom

The fun thing about custom designed bathrooms is that just by adding colors and characters, you can make them kid oriented and inviting. Also, by using a kid themed shower curtain with themed towels, bath mats and other themed items; this will actually help getting the children into the bath. Along with this, there are things you can do to make a bathroom more kid accessible and custom storage friendly.

For instance; you can design it taking into account the height of your kids which is a plus since they like to reach for their own toothbrushes and personal hygiene items. Also, a custom cabinet with easy to reach shelves will make it easier for the little ones to reach other kid friendly items. When they grow, the shelves can then be used for other storage. Further, a sturdy stool can be designed to help the kids gain access to the bathroom sink. In addition, you can have towel racks at the normal height, but install towels racks at a child’s height too.

As far as safety issues you can have anti-slip stickers on the bottom of the tub. These stickers make for a secure footing when the child is standing or climbing in and out of the tub. Also, removable grab bars are a handy thing to install so that the child has something to grab while in the tub. With removable bars, they can be repositioned as the child grows older too.

Custom design also can give you extra space to remove small toys to which don’t float that have nothing to do with bath time, but always end up in the bath anyway. This is good because small toys can later be dropped into an open toilet and then flushed. This could cause an overflow to the toilet or an expensive to repair clog.

Additionally, for safety as an added note, don’t keep anything glass in the bathroom. So be sure that all the toothbrush holders, soap dishes, cups and other bathroom items are made from plastic so that you or your children avoid nasty cuts.

Making a custom designed bathroom for kids isn’t difficult; a lot of it is just common sense.

How to Design an In-law Suite

Your mother is getting older, and you want her to come and live with you. She prefers her own space; however, even though she is having difficulty keeping up with her household cleaning, reaching cabinets and keeping up with the maintenance of her home now. So the answer may be to add a mother-in-law suite, also called a secondary suite to your home so that she will move in with you. So what is required to add a mother-in-law suite to your home?

  1. You will need to check the building codes in your area. Some building codes may limit what you can add to your home. You can usually add a bedroom, bath and a sitting area; but if you add a kitchen, then it’s considered a rental. To get around this, you can add a wet bar with custom cabinets and a small refrigerator. Also, adding a microwave for heating leftovers is a good idea.
  2. If you have a septic tank, you should check your permit. Most septic tanks will only allow for three bathrooms. You may have to increase your system though if you have more bathrooms than that after an addition.
  3. Look around your property for the best location to add on. You may be able to convert a garage or porch which is already there here. If not, look for an area of space on the first floor next to a room which is used rarely such as that holiday dining room. By combining this room with a built on room then, you can make a suite which will work nicely.
  4. You may want to have separate power lines for the addition. One reason is that if it isn’t used in the future, you can shut the suite down when it doesn’t have an occupant. The other reason is that the person living there may want to pay for his or her own utility usage.
  5. When building the suite, keep who is going to live in it in mind. So if the person is in a wheelchair, will the hallway need to be wider to accommodate it? What about the shower? Should non-slip floors and easy access showers be installed? What about guardrails? Also, keep in mind how much privacy your occupant may want.

Being able to take care of the parent who used to take care of you can be a blessing.