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In-law Kitchen Designs

When you have your senior in-laws move in with you, the idea of trying to create their private area can be challenging. It may be done by combining two rooms on the first floor such as an unused bedroom and dining room. Or it could be done by converting a bedroom and enclosing a back porch. Go over your plans though with a reputable contractor helps. But whatever combination you come up with, be sure to include a kitchen of some kind.

What kind of kitchen?

If you have limited space, you don’t have to put in a full-fledged kitchen. You can have a small apartment sized refrigerator, a sink, counter space, a pantry for canned goods and a microwave here. It can be an essential kitchen area without needing much space. A small table with folding sections can be used, or comfortable stools for a counter for eating instead of a larger dining room set too.

Another option is going with a larger kitchen area. Your in-laws may be healthy now, but what happens when they get older; they may need to be in wheelchairs? You need to be sure that the openings to the kitchen have at least 32 inches of space then which is open for a wheelchair to pass through the doors with open wheelchair channels to move to areas. Additionally, in the kitchen area, there needs to be space of at least 60 inches around the appliances so that a wheelchair can be turned around for access.

Other concerns

Also, reachable counters is something to think about too. For a person who is standing, a counter is about 36 inches high, but if the individual is in a wheel chair, then it should be 28-32 inches high. You can put the countertops in now if your in-laws are mobile at 36 inches and then plan on having them lowered if necessary though. If you tell your professional contractor your concerns, he can make allowances for having to adjust them in the future.

Another idea would be to install non-slip flooring. This way your in-laws won’t slip and fall when walking, using a walker, or if they’re in a wheelchair. Also, placing cabinets a little lower as well as a Lazy Susan on the shelves will make it easier for reaching things.

If you have your in-laws move in, an area that they can all their own will make it easier on everyone.

An In-law Suite with a Separate Entrance

separate-entranceOne of the things you should think about when installing an in-law suite is in having a separate entrance installed if possible. When talking with your professional contractor, get his or her opinion on where the best place to install a separate door would be. Now your in-laws may be in your part of the house often, but it’s important that they have their own privacy too. So it may be good to have a door to close off their section of the house as well as a separate door for their comings and goings.

Adding an in-law suite, if it’s done correctly then, won’t mean a loss of privacy. If you have enough room, you can have a separate bedroom, sitting room/living room area, private bathroom and a kitchen or kitchenette area added. Also by adding a separate entrance, your in-laws won’t feel as if they are invading your privacy every time they have to go in and out of the front door. So by having a separate door to the outside, it can give them independence and freedom.

Another thought too is to have a separate door that can be closed by your in-laws to separate their section of the house from yours. This gives your in-laws, as well as you, privacy so each family can go about their own lives independently and follow their own schedule. It’s important also that your in-laws have a way to shut off the rest of the house if possible; especially if you have children and the grandparents need a break from the noise and confusion.

In addition, with a separate entrance, your in-laws will have more freedom to entertain guests without interfering with your schedule or interrupting whatever you have going on. Plus; with a separate entrance, both on inside and the outside, the grandkids will have a place to visit their grandparents and be able to do so with all the joyful shouting being away from you. Then you have quiet time as you can see, this privacy works both ways.
Installing private entrances can give privacy to both parties involved and make for a better relationship.

Why Should You Buy a Custom Made Bedroom Suite

bedroom-suiteA custom made bedroom suite sounds like something which only the very rich can afford, but that isn’t necessarily true. A custom made bed is not something to only dream about when you wake up sore and stiff. In addition, if you think about it, why spend one third of your life sleeping on something which hurts your back or is plain uncomfortable regardless of the little extra cost?

So what are the advantages of a custom made bedroom suite? Well, for one thing, a bed which is custom made is all about you and your preferences. So maybe you like the look of a certain type of wood or a type of upholstery which you can’t find in stores ready-made. This can be solved by your own bedroom design. Or if your bedroom is odd shaped or has awkward corners, a custom made bed can be designed to fit right in. The bed won’t be too big or too small, but just right for you.

Another thought is that by purchasing a piece of furniture which will last a lifetime, you’re actually saving money. How many times have you bought furniture which you thought would last, but had to be replaced 5 years down the road? A piece of furniture which is solidly made though will stand up to the wear and tear that is put on it. So furniture that is solid and made well is an investment that is sound.

Also for the eco-friendly minded, by buying well-made furniture, you won’t be filling the landfills with cheaply made furniture which you have had to replace. Plus, if the furniture is made from solid wood, it can be reused or recycled when its finally replaced.

Keep in mind, that when you buy hand crafted furniture from a craftsman, you’re getting the very best money can buy too. Years of technique and experience goes into each piece that is handmade and created. Plus, a craftsman take pride in his or her work and isn’t satisfied until each piece is to the craftsman specifications of perfection. Also the craftsman is crafting your comfort to help with your back problems and sore sides. So you get looks and a sound night’s sleep.

So when you buy a custom made bedroom suite, you’re buying a good night’s sleep and those beautiful naps.