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A Luxury Pet Resort for Fido

pet resortFeeling guilty that you are about to take a vacation to an all-inclusive resort while your dog must be left behind in a kennel? Relieve some of that guilt by reserving a room for your dog at an upscale dog boarding facility.

Your dog can feel just as special and pampered as you do. Pet resorts offer big rooms with plush beds so that your dog feels more at home – almost like he is sleeping with you in your bed. Some rooms include a radio, a television, a clock — even pictures on the walls. If you are willing to pay more, some resorts offer rooms with attached patios, so that your dog can step outside when he wants and safely observe the scenery and wildlife from a secure area.

For older or nervous pets, upscale kennels offer quiet rooms away from the more energetic and noisier dogs.

Most modern pet resorts offer some sort of Skype or camera service, so that you and your pet can see each other via video. Others use social media to post photos of your pet at play.

In addition to the above amenities, there are plenty of activities available to keep your pet busy at a pet resort.

You may be able to purchase individual play sessions for your dog. A member of staff will take your dog outside to play ball or Frisbee. Your dog can also visit the playground to climb and jump around. If your dog prefers a quiet walk in the woods or around the garden, you can schedule a staff member to accompany him on a walk in the area where he is most comfortable.

Petting and cuddling sessions can also be available for your dog, complete with belly rubs and ear scratching. This way you will know he is getting the love you cannot provide him in your absence.

Spa services are also offered at most dog resorts. Dogs can be brushed, massaged and even given facials – plus the standard grooming treats like nail trimming. Special products can be used to improve your dog’s skin and hair and make him smell fantastic.

With all these wonderful options available at upscale dog boarding facilities and resorts, you can leave for your vacation guilt-free. Both you and your dog will have a wonderful time.

Dog Walkers Versus Doggie Daycare

dog boardingA dog owner who works long hours and who live in a small apartment may need the aid of a third party to make sure that her dog is getting the exercise he needs.

There are two great options. First, the dog owner can hire a dog walker. A dog walker will pick up the dog from the owner’s apartment and take him outside for exercise. A dog walker can be one individual who physically walks the dogs and holds the leash himself or a person drives a van to residences and picks up the dogs and then takes them all to a dog park to run and play together.

Because the dog walker will be accessing the owner’s home, and will probably have a key, references should be required. In addition, a dog owner should ask to see the walker’s insurance documents to verify he or she has liability coverage. Criminal background checks from Triton Canada are recommended, but not necessary especially if the walker has provided excellent references. Hiring a dog walker who is a staff member or associated with a well-known dog boarding facility is another method to establish that the dog walker is trustworthy and professional.

Here’s some advice from a friend who happens to be a dog walker in Atlanta: A good way to find out if a dog walker is a good fit is to go along on a test walk where the walker takes your dog out. The owner will have a better understanding on the dynamics between your dog and this person if you observe them walking together.

The second option and best option in most areas is to get some necessary exercise for an apartment-bound dog is a doggie daycare. These are short-term dog boarding facilities for dog owners that do not want third-parties coming into their home to pick up their dog.

Doggie daycares are excellent for over energetic dogs who tend to tear up stuff around the house in frustration when left alone for long hours. The dog is dropped off in the morning and picked up each evening, just like a child in a kid’s daycare.

In a doggie daycare, the dog gets to play with lots of other dogs. He is rarely alone because there is staff present. He gets much-needed supervision, and his owner gets the peace of mind of knowing he is happy and surrounded by friends and dog care professionals.

Why Choose To Board Your Dog?

dog boardingYour dog is your best friend. You take him everywhere with you. However, sometimes it is impossible to smuggle him along on a long excursion, such as a vacation to a tropical island or a business trip across the country. Dog owners frequently discover that it is not easy to find hotels that allow pets. Additionally, long car rides can be stressful on a dog that is energetic and used to moving around often.

What is the best option for your dog? Do you let him remain at home and ask a neighbor to stop in and feed him once a day? Or is there a better choice?

To ensure that your dog receives superior care while you are away, your best bet is to board him at a first-rate kennel or pet hotel. While a neighbor or friend may have the best intentions to take good care of your dog while you are away, the truth is that your dog may be neglected.

The benefits of a good dog boarding facility are numerous. First, your dog will not spend large amounts of time alone. A quality kennel will have a human being on site 24 hours a day. Your dog will be supervised. You will not have to worry whether he has been fed on time. Meal times will be routine and you can even supply your dog’s usual brand of food.

If there are any emergency health issues while you are away, the staff at the kennel can notify you immediately. If you have given permission, they can contact a veterinarian quickly if immediate treatment is necessary. A lot of dog boarding facilities even have a vet on call.

Another great thing about a kennel is that the staff will regularly exercise your pet in a safe area. A lot of kennels have indoor and outdoor exercise areas. An indoor exercise area is important in case of bad weather. If your dog is unable to go outside because of rain, snow, etc., then the staff can exercise him in the indoor area. In Arizona where the summers regularly hit triple digits an indoor dog park is a must.

While boarding your dog may not be desirable, sometimes it is absolutely necessary and in your dog’s best interest. Consider the advantages of a dog boarding facility before you leave your dog alone at home during your next big trip.

How To Choose A Good Dog Boarding Facility

dog boardingIf you have never used a boarding facility for your dog before, it can be a daunting task to find a good place where you feel that your dog will be safe and happy.

Ask your veterinarian if he or she recommends any local kennels. Do an internet search of any pet hotels that the vet recommends. Are there reviews online by dog owners that have used those kennels? Do you know any friends or neighbors that have used these businesses? First-hand testimony from a dog owner who has boarded his dog at a facility is a great way to determine if it may be a good fit for your dog.

Review the information available online for the kennels. Look through the photo galleries and get a feel for the facilities. If your state requires a boarding inspection, has the pet hotel passed? Does the kennel have any complaints lodged against it with the Better Business Bureau? Once you determine which boarding facility impress you most, then call and schedule a tour.

At the time you tour the kennel, pay close attention to the smell and cleanliness of the facility. Make sure the food and water dishes are clean and filled with fresh food and water. Check to see that the dogs are provided beds and do not have to sleep on a concrete floor. These details show that the staff is diligent in taking proper care of the dogs. You also want to see if a staff member is always on the premises in case there is a health or emergency issue with the dogs during the night hours.

Another important question is if the facility requires that all pets boarded must be current on their shots. Most important is that current rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations are required. You do not want your dog catching these illnesses from another dog at the kennel.

Is there air conditioning and heat so that your pet will be comfortable in extreme weather? This is especially important if your dog is elderly and has no tolerance for extreme temperatures.

If your dog is younger and energetic, you want to specifically ask about the exercise areas available. Is there a safe area outdoors where your dog will be taken to exercise? What steps does the staff take to ensure that your dog does not try to escape? If there is bad weather, is there an indoor area that your dog can be taken to get sufficient exercise?

As soon as you realize that you may need to board your dog, you want to start researching facilities as soon as possible. You do not want to wait until the last minute and be forced to choose a second-rate kennel for your dog because you are crunched for time.