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Selecting the Right Materials for Your Home Office

6732904 - living room in luxury home with large fireplaceYou have decided to remodel a room in your home into a home office. Trying to decide exactly the right look can be overwhelming though. Where to start? Well, the first step is to decide whether you want light or dark wood. If you go with dark wood walls and flooring, then you may feel as if you’re peering out of a cave. Still, if you go with a light wood and bright colors that are overdone, you may feel as if you should be pouring tea on a settee. Also, do you want hardwood floors or laminated floors? To help you will all of this, below are some suggestions:

To start, if you prefer a floor made of dark wood, then painting the walls a lighter color and adding some extra custom lighting fixtures will get rid of the cave feel. You can add custom built wall units and cabinets for storage in a lighter wood to offset the dark floor. Too, using curtains and the right windows which allow more light into your office which will brighten things up.

If the room you’re converting into your office is small though you may want to consider a light wood floor. A lighter floor makes a room seem larger. Since wood, whether light or dark, will go with about any furniture, you can mix and match your furniture and wall units. The only time you may have a problem; however, is if your office furniture is going to be mahogany or red toned. These would go better with a floor that’s brown toned.

Now the other consideration is whether you would want hardwood floors or laminated flooring. There’s a considerable cost difference between the two so keep that in mind. Well, below are the pros and cons with both:

  • Hardwood: Hardwood is made from trees and is higher priced both to buy and to install. It does add to your home’s value though. If it gets scratched or nicked, it can be sanded and refinished to make it look as good as new; so it lasts.
  • Laminate: It’s cheaper to buy and install because it’s made from composite wood. It’s also resistant to scratches, moisture; and wear and tear. It’s easier to clean though the lower quality is more artificial looking. It also doesn’t repair easily if you don’t have extra tiling.

A lot of advice packed into very few words.