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Different Storage Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

When you cook in a small kitchen without room to move around it can become frustrating. But there are some ideas for a kitchen which has limited space and few cabinets. So, below are some thoughts which might make moving around in your kitchen a little easier:

  • If you’re cramming everything into your cabinet space, you need to stop. Overcrowding and stuffing things into your cupboards can cause you difficulty when you’re trying to find a much-needed item. Instead, have a pullout shelf added to your cabinet. This way you can reach everything you need quickly.
  • Put your pots in and pans in a well-designed bottom cabinet. This way they’re easier to reach, and you won’t be searching under the sink or in a dark recess of a cabinet for them.
  • A roll-out trash bin will give you more floor space. It can be concealed inside a cabinet and pulled out when needed, then rolled back in.
  • Place a magazine rack on the inside of a cabinet door, or your sink door. Then put your aluminum foil, plastic wrap and sandwich bags in the rack. This frees up a drawer which can be better used for something else.
  • If you have open space under your cabinets, install a toe-kick drawer. It will give you extra space to store dishes you don’t use much, or other less used items.
  • Have you thought about a drawer organizer? If you reach into a drawer to pull out a spatula and three other cooking utensils fall on the floor, you may need one. Also, you may want or clean out and organize your junk drawer. Get rid of anything which isn’t necessary to make room for what is needed.
  • If you check between your refrigerator and the wall behind it, you’ll usually find a gap of about 4-10 inches. You can use this for a slide out pantry for canned goods and use the space your canned goods are taking up for something else. Be sure that the refrigerator isn’t placed too close because the back of it can be quite warm.

To get more space for your small kitchen, look around and see what is usable.

Different Types of Master Bathroom Ideas

If you’re tired of having an old boring bathroom, here are some different ideas to spruce things up. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be four walls, a tub with a shower and a sink. It can be something a little more exciting. Something to lay back and relax in, or smile satisfied in while blow drying your hair. Below are some ideas which may work for you:

  • Natural Bathroom: A natural bathroom could have tiles that are shades of gray and brown. Walls in cream with tile accents would bring it all together. Plants are hanging from the windows and cabinets in shades of green with lots of storage space. The tub/shower area could be finished in the same color of tiles. To top it off you might consider having fluffy green towels hanging from the racks for easy access.
  • Cottage Style bathroom: A cottage style bathroom would have wainscoting, lots of cabinets and double vanities. The tub would be a pedestal tub deep enough to sink in and relax. There would be an area for candles to add a romantic flair. There would also be a comfy chair at a dressing table for putting on makeup and doing your hair. It would have the air of relaxation and English timelessness.
  • Spa bathroom: A spa bath would have a large soaking tub. The shower would have an oversized head on it so that it would bring water like the summer rain. Large windows would allow in light to dance on the marble tile floor. There would be shutters on the lower windows for privacy. Extra storage could be under the ledge of the tub for towels and bath products. Plants placed on trays and shelves and artwork on the bathroom walls would give it an old-world spa feel.

Making your master bathroom to suit you is one of life’s pleasures.

Cabinet Refinishing vs. Replacement

So, you’ve decided that something must be done about your kitchen cupboards. You’ve been looking at the same ones for years, and you are either going to refinish or replace them. Which one is the better option? There are several things to think about if you choose either one.

If you’re only replacing drawer fronts and the doors on the cabinets, then the price will depend on what materials you want. If you’re just refinishing the pieces, then the cost would be whatever the cost of the stains or paints are. Add more to the cost if you’re replacing the hardware.

But what if you’re going to reface the fronts and doors? Well, there are multiple types of materials used in refacing. Rigid Thermo-foil or RTF is one of them. RTF is the durable and affordable. Plastic laminate is another. It has a wider range of finishes and styles than RTF. Wood veneer is the other. It is the costliest but also known to last the longest.

If you decide to replace your cupboards because they’re too far gone, then you can also go with a new kitchen layout. So you may choose to switch the stove with the sink and put the cabinets in different places then. It will cost more when something this major is involved.  

There’s additionally the time factor too. A contractor can replace doors and fronts in a couple of days. If there’s stripping and repainting or staining, it may take a little longer. If you plan on having everything replaced, then your contractor will need to tear out the old ones. It’s more time consuming for everyone since your kitchen will be ripped apart. You’ll be storing items which were in your cabinets somewhere else, and the kids will be happily eating only in front of the TV.

So it comes down to what you want to do with your kitchen, refinishing or replacement.

Designing a Mud Room

Mudrooms are the perfect rooms to make the transition from the outside of your home into the inside. Mudrooms can provide extra custom made storage and keep storage under control also. But a mudroom should be functional and stylish.

So what is a mudroom’s function really? Well, a mudroom is a transition room from the outside to the inside that should offer cabinet space to store winter gear such as boots, winter coats and mittens in the winter. In the summer, it can store pool toys, towels and outside toys as well as pairs of sneakers. The extra storage space can also be used to store pet supplies and extra pet toys. By adding a bench, the kids can sit down to remove snowy boots or muddy sneakers so as not to track dirt through the rest of the house. A bench is additionally great for putting down grocery bags or work items such as a laptop bag. Plus; there can be additional storage under the bench, or if has a raised lid, inside the bench.

Also, hooks can be installed for hanging up coats and hats. In addition, if you can choose to install open shelves for easy access to items; it can make coming and going less chaotic. Or, if you choose to have custom designed cubbies (cubicles), each person in the home can have their own designated one. All items belonging to that person would be in the cubby and ready to grab for school, work or play.

Last but not least, what materials should you use for the design of your mudroom? Well, an easy to clean, long lasting floor is a priority option because of dirt and germs which will be tracked into the mudroom and the wear and tear. Other materials should be chosen also that will complement the design and décor of the rest of your home as much as is practical. In addition, the mudroom should add to the efficiency and organization of your home.

Mudrooms are not only efficient, but useful.

How to Maximize the Design in a Small Guest Bath

When you have a small bathroom in your home, there are ways to make it appear larger than it is without major remodeling. Because custom remodeling by knocking out walls isn’t always something you can do perhaps due to a tight budget or local codes, so you have to think of other options. For instance, using color can make a room appear larger or smaller. So using a color which is soft and pale will give the illusion of space. If bright or strong colors are used as accents such as with towels or shower curtains, this is even better.

In addition, using reflective surfaces and glass will open up the room. For example, instead of a frosted glass door or a shower curtain, a clear glass shower door will give the appearance of more space. Too, by having custom cabinets and shelves installed, you can use reflective surfaces to give it an expansive feeling. By using two mirrors on opposite walls also, their reflections will make it appear that there’s space even though there isn’t.

Additionally, if you install skylights, a large window or even glass block windows; this will provide sunlight and an open airy feeling. If natural light isn’t possible, you can also turn to artificial light. Further, by using recessed lighting you have the brightness without the feeling of something hanging over you.

Another thought is if there’s already a cabinet for storage, then replacing the regular sink with a pedestal sink will make the floor appear larger. You won’t really be able to take advantage of all its uses, but it will make the eye believe that the room is larger than it looks.

Too, if instead of shelves you have custom designed drawers for towels and bathroom toiletries, then the room won’t appear cluttered because everything is neatly tucked away.

A small bathroom can be made to appear bigger if you use some of these tips.

Functional Ideas for a Small Kitchen

3128778 - compact modern kitchen with the built in home appliancesYour kitchen is tiny, and you’d like to have it redone, but you’re not sure which direction to go. First consider this, why not have open storage in the overhead cabinets instead of kitchen cupboards with doors that shut. Without doors, it will give the kitchen an airier feeling too, and you won’t feel as boxed in. You can also have installed scaled-down appliances where less is more. So an apartment sized refrigerator can be installed instead of full sized one or perhaps a two burner stove and a single kitchen sink. Further, if counter space is an issue, you can purchase a roll away counter topped cart. It will give you extra storage; plus extra counter top, and it can just be concealed in a closet when not being used. So by having smaller installed you can have more appliances.

Another idea is using glass to open up your kitchen and give you a sense of spaciousness. You can have a contractor install patio doors for an outside view or larger windows to expand your space visually. Or install glass doors on your cabinets or reflective glass tile to lighten things up. Adding mirrors tastefully can also give a sense of space.

In addition, think about your lighting. Good lighting makes things look bigger and beautiful. So you can have custom installed lighting under your upper cabinets which will shine on your countertops. If you hang a pendant light over the eating area, it will increase the amount of light over your table or counter too. Also, on the base of your custom cabinetry, you can have lighting that will shine down onto the toe plate. This gives a starlight effect at night.

For an inexpensive choice for the floor, tile or linoleum can be used in an eye-catching color, and then that color be accented throughout the kitchen. Or if you’d like the kitchen to appear taller, using light colors or pastel colors with a mixture of white will do the trick. But also if you like bold colors, it can be very effective in a small kitchen if used correctly.

A small kitchen can be functional and beautiful regardless of the size.

Selecting the Right Materials for Your Home Office

6732904 - living room in luxury home with large fireplaceYou have decided to remodel a room in your home into a home office. Trying to decide exactly the right look can be overwhelming though. Where to start? Well, the first step is to decide whether you want light or dark wood. If you go with dark wood walls and flooring, then you may feel as if you’re peering out of a cave. Still, if you go with a light wood and bright colors that are overdone, you may feel as if you should be pouring tea on a settee. Also, do you want hardwood floors or laminated floors? To help you will all of this, below are some suggestions:

To start, if you prefer a floor made of dark wood, then painting the walls a lighter color and adding some extra custom lighting fixtures will get rid of the cave feel. You can add custom built wall units and cabinets for storage in a lighter wood to offset the dark floor. Too, using curtains and the right windows which allow more light into your office which will brighten things up.

If the room you’re converting into your office is small though you may want to consider a light wood floor. A lighter floor makes a room seem larger. Since wood, whether light or dark, will go with about any furniture, you can mix and match your furniture and wall units. The only time you may have a problem; however, is if your office furniture is going to be mahogany or red toned. These would go better with a floor that’s brown toned.

Now the other consideration is whether you would want hardwood floors or laminated flooring. There’s a considerable cost difference between the two so keep that in mind. Well, below are the pros and cons with both:

  • Hardwood: Hardwood is made from trees and is higher priced both to buy and to install. It does add to your home’s value though. If it gets scratched or nicked, it can be sanded and refinished to make it look as good as new; so it lasts.
  • Laminate: It’s cheaper to buy and install because it’s made from composite wood. It’s also resistant to scratches, moisture; and wear and tear. It’s easier to clean though the lower quality is more artificial looking. It also doesn’t repair easily if you don’t have extra tiling.

A lot of advice packed into very few words.