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An In-law Suite with a Separate Entrance

separate-entranceOne of the things you should think about when installing an in-law suite is in having a separate entrance installed if possible. When talking with your professional contractor, get his or her opinion on where the best place to install a separate door would be. Now your in-laws may be in your part of the house often, but it’s important that they have their own privacy too. So it may be good to have a door to close off their section of the house as well as a separate door for their comings and goings.

Adding an in-law suite, if it’s done correctly then, won’t mean a loss of privacy. If you have enough room, you can have a separate bedroom, sitting room/living room area, private bathroom and a kitchen or kitchenette area added. Also by adding a separate entrance, your in-laws won’t feel as if they are invading your privacy every time they have to go in and out of the front door. So by having a separate door to the outside, it can give them independence and freedom.

Another thought too is to have a separate door that can be closed by your in-laws to separate their section of the house from yours. This gives your in-laws, as well as you, privacy so each family can go about their own lives independently and follow their own schedule. It’s important also that your in-laws have a way to shut off the rest of the house if possible; especially if you have children and the grandparents need a break from the noise and confusion.

In addition, with a separate entrance, your in-laws will have more freedom to entertain guests without interfering with your schedule or interrupting whatever you have going on. Plus; with a separate entrance, both on inside and the outside, the grandkids will have a place to visit their grandparents and be able to do so with all the joyful shouting being away from you. Then you have quiet time as you can see, this privacy works both ways.
Installing private entrances can give privacy to both parties involved and make for a better relationship.

Organizing Your Home Office

When you have a home office, trying to find a place for everything can be frustrating. Sometimes though you need to go beyond putting stuff in drawers and file cabinets and go vertical instead. Also, by going vertical you can find the space you need so that your office is more efficient and practical. So, listed below are some ideas to make your office a more manageable space:

home-office• Cabinets: You can have custom made cabinets designed to fit your office and your needs. Also when you have a cabinet custom designed, you can tell the designer where you want the shelves, how many drawers you need and how large you want everything to be. This is a very practical vertical way to get exactly what you want.

• Custom design: Another option is to have your office custom designed from the desk down to the trash can. Everything will be built to your specifications then and will suit both your space and the needs of your work.

• Wall shelves: By going vertical you can fill up a wall with functional shelving. Just make sure that whatever shelving you select will be able to handle to weight of what you’re going to put on it though.

• Custom drawers, shelving and compartments for storage: You can have custom drawers, shelving and compartments designed for your needs. You can also go vertical as you like and use wall space which would otherwise go to waste.

• Cord management system: This is a system to manage your cords so that they aren’t in a jumbled pile in the corner and a trip hazard. You can buy custom-cut grommets which will keep your cords tangled free and accessible for this.

• Wall mounted storage: This can be wall mounted file sorters or even magazine racks to keep papers from covering up your desk. Making more room to work isn’t just vertical; it’s also more efficient.

• Furniture with height: Using tall furniture such as bookcases or cabinets can make unused wall spaces into functional areas. If the bookcases have adjustable shelves, they will be even more handy and accessible too.

It isn’t difficult to organize your home office in an eye pleasing way if you smartly make use of every available nook and cranny.

The Benefits of a Built-in Laundry Room

Doing the laundry is the bane of many people’s existences. Not only is it a chore, but it can take up both time and space. So having a laundry room that is both functional with custom cabinets and organized space can make the job a little easier.

laundry-roomHaving a laundry room which is organized instead of being utilitarian will also make your life a little more organized too. This is because disorganization here, runs into there. So taking away that “it’s time to do laundry” pain is an added bonus. But what a bonus because it’s a chore to try to keep clothes stain-free; sorted, clean and then dried and put away neatly. But if your laundry room has custom cabinets to organize cleaning products, a place for hanging and folding laundry right out of the dryer, then you may have an incentive to spend more time in this area. It beats folding clothes on the bed or couch and having laundry clutter around when company comes over unexpectedly.

Plus, when your laundry room is custom made to your specifications, you can have that long folding table that you’ve always dreamed about. Maybe even a place created to store unmatched socks until the mates show up. Also you can add brightness into your life. So if your laundry area is dark, white cabinetry can bring shine to the area. You could put in cheery lights or other designs too. Additionally, if you would like a touch of style and elegance, then you can always use natural wood cabinets in a wood and finish of your choice. The ideas and choices are unlimited, and a professional can help make those ideas come to life. Instead of walking into your laundry to piles of unwashed laundry and clutter, you’ll then have open work spaces and cabinets to put your supplies in.

Further, having a finished laundry room will add value to your home if you’re thinking about selling it in the future. So if your home has a well-organized and customized laundry room, it could be that extra selling point which makes your home stand out.

Doing laundry may not be your favorite chore, but a customized laundry may make it more bearable.

Storage in the Bathroom

family-bathStorage in the bathroom is a common problem most homeowners face. Believe it or not, there are actually hidden storage spaces in your bathroom though that you may not have even thought of.

  1. A pedestal sink is lovely to look out, but there’s not much storage space. One suggestion; however, is to use a round towel bar which is designed just for pedestal sinks. It fits around the sink and can hold up to six towels at a time. In addition, an under-sink organizer will wrap around the sink and will give you more storage space. This can be used to store the smaller toiletries and keep clutter under control. Another thought; if you love pedestal sinks, is to choose one which has extra surface space along its side. This can be used for your toothbrush holder and soap.
  2. You can also install spice racks for your small storage items as well as shallow caddies for more storage on the back of your bathroom doors; or inside on the door of your sink cabinet.
  3. If you’re having custom cabinets installed, think about having rollout shelving installed to double your existing storage space. Also, the sliding drawers will offer an easier access to the spaces which are hidden in your cabinets.
  4. You always have a mirror in your bathroom, but what about instead having a mirrored medicine cabinet for storage of everyday items such as cosmetics. Plus; with a recessed cabinet, it makes the bathroom feel more spacious.
  5. If you don’t like your towel hanging next to someone else’s towel, think about installing a wall coat rack with four to six hooks. This way you can hang each towel separately, keeping everyone’s towel germ free.
  6. How about a installing a shelf above the bathroom door. It’s the perfect place to put chemicals and other items children shouldn’t get into. This also frees up the space under your sink where you would normally put the chemicals.

Just by looking around your bathroom, you may be surprised where extra storage space shows up.

Are Custom Cabinets for You?

When choosing new kitchen cabinets, don’t overlook the thought of buying custom cabinets. This is because your cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen and represent your personality and taste. Yes, cabinets from a big box store may be cheaper, but they are just like the ones everyone else has. Custom made cabinets though are made to your tastes and designed especially for your kitchen. So what does this include?

white-kitchenFirst of all, custom cabinets are built to last by a skilled cabinet maker. Since a cabinet maker takes pride in what is built from his or her hands, the cabinets are well made. So; therefore, quality material is used and the construction is built to last with a product that, when completed, is a work of art.

Also, the wood that is used in making your kitchen cabinets can come from a local source if desired. You then still have a large choice of the wood that can be used for the cabinets, but by using domestic or local hardwoods, you know the wood used isn’t coming from an endangered area.

Additionally you get a voice in the design elements wanted and not wanted. So if your kitchen has unusual dimensions, a custom cabinet maker can work around that. Additionally, you can select cabinet and drawer combinations too that fit in with your way of cooking in your kitchen, and not by how someone else thinks this should be done. So you can create a more efficient kitchen that will suit your cooking needs.

Too, a big box store may have all kinds of combinations of cabinets, but you still can only buy what the store has. But a custom cabinet is personalized with your choice of wood, hardware and finish; and done in the style which suits your needs to the last detail. Therefore; everything will match and be made to your specifications.

Lastly, the cabinets are built to fit your actual kitchen. With a stock kitchen, if there is a problem area, a filler cabinet is used. With custom cabinets though, all your space is filled with specially designed, usable cabinets.

So if you’re looking for kitchen cabinets, consider custom made.

Giving a Facelift to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets get opened and shut many times during the day. So before you know it, they’re looking a little dingy and tired. So what’s an easy solution to spruce them up that’s kind to your budget?

1193862_03Well, if your cabinets are stained and the surfaces look worn; you can apply new stain to freshen them up. First of all clean your cabinets with soap and water. When they’re dry, then lightly sand the cabinets using a rag to remove the dust. To stain, use a polyurethane varnish which can be tinted to match your cabinets. Because it’s a varnish-stain combination, one coat will most likely do the job.

However; if you want your cabinets a lighter shade than what they already are, there’s a bit more work involved. You will need to remove as much of the old stain as you can. You can remove it with paint remover, a stripper or even chlorine bleach. If your cabinets have any crevices or designs, you’ll have to use elbow grease here and a scraper to remove the old stain. Now if the cabinet has any dents, scratches or cracks; you can apply wood filler and then sand them. Afterwards, apply the stain of your choice, let it dry thoroughly and then apply a coat of protective wood sealer. You will then need to rub the dry surfaces with 000 steel wool though, and gently clean with a tack cloth.

If your cabinets are painted, they can be restored too. First, take off all the finish you can with a paint stripper. If needed use a sharp scraper to help remove any leftover finish. Then fill in with wood filler any scratches, dents or cracks. When the filler is dry, sand with 100 grit sandpaper first, then 180 grit and finish with 220-grit. Afterwards, paint the cabinets the color of your choice, let them dry and then clean the surface with a tack cloth. Finally apply the sealer and let it dry, then rub with 000 steel wool and remove the dust with tack cloth.

With a little elbow grease, you can have cabinets that look as good as new.

Inexpensive Updates to Make Your Bathroom Look New

So, you want to have your bathroom updated, but your budget’s a little on the low side. The good news is that there are many different ways to give your bathroom a new look and stay budget conscious. First of all, you need to figure out what you can afford to spend on the remodeling though. If you have a small budget, you may just want to have cosmetic changes made. If your budget is a little larger, then you can focus on having larger changes made such as new bathroom cabinets. With all this in mind, here are some ideas on where to start.

The floor
There are different ways to use tile when you’re on a budget. If you only focus on the high impact areas such as the floor here, you can save money. If you have the extra in your budget, you can also have the floor inside the shower redone if practical. Plus, if you have a yearning for a tile which has an artistic bent, use it as an accent along with less expensive tile. The upside is that when the artistic tile is used this way, it’s actually more noticeable.

Granite countertops are trendy, but somewhat expensive. Still, by using granite in the bathroom you use less because the bathroom is a smaller room. Also here, because the more popular neutral colors are more expensive, think about a color that goes beyond neutral which is less expensive; but that works in your bathroom.

The walls may be the least expensive redo if you go with paint for a new look. Now the contractor will use a higher grade of paint with a satin finish to deal with the mold and mildew from bathroom humidity. In addition, the contractor may suggest painting the ceiling with a paint that’s especially used in bathrooms that resists mold growth.

Another way to add a little sparkle to the bathroom is to have your contractor update the sink facets, light fixtures; racks for your towels and drawer pulls. What’s good is updating these items can make a big difference in your bathroom appearance for very little cost.

As you can see, redoing your bathroom doesn’t have to break your budget.