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Keeping Your Pool Tile in Great Shape

pool tile scaleOne important part of keeping your pool in great shape is taking care of the tile in your pool. If you take proper care of the tile, it will remain clean and sparkling for years. There are swimming pool chemicals that can help you prevent the buildup of scale, which is one of the factors that contributes to tile that appears grimy. Swimming pool tile cleaner can also help clean off calcium buildup as well. If you do not take appropriate care of the tile in your pool, it will start to show signs of age very quickly.

It is important to use the right swimming pool chemicals to clean the tile in your pool. If you do not use the appropriate swimming pool chemicals, your tile can begin to lose its shine over time. There are swimming pool tile cleaners that are especially designed to clean the calcium and scale off the tile and keep the tile fresh for a longer period of time.

When cleaning your pool tile, it is important to raise the water line above the level of the deposits on the tile. You should do this about forty eight hours before you clean the tile. This will give the cleaner time to loosen the scale on the tile so that you can more easily remove it. You can then lower the water in the pool. Apply a swimming pool tile cleaner and use a rough pad to remove the scale and other debris from the tile. Thoroughly rinse the tile cleanser off the pool tile or it will begin to eat away at the glaze on the tile. After you have rinsed the tile and let it dry, you should apply a tile protecting product. These usually last for around a year. Afterwards you can treat your pool with regular swimming pool chemicals.