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A Comfortable Vacation for Your Feline Pet

It’s common to board dogs but have you ever thought about cat boarding? If you’re going to be traveling frequently, or for an extensive period of time, cat boarding may be the best way to help reduce your kitty’s stress. It’s common to think of cats as loners but they tend to strongly bond with their owners. They like their routine and want to feel safe and secure.

cat boardingCat boarding facilities are very different from shelters. They are more like pet hotels than storage areas. They do not place cats in small cages and force them to use the litter box near their feeding area. Cats in good cat boarding facilities do not have to share litter boxes or sleeping areas. Instead, cats usually reside in a small “condominium” that provides a comfortable, safe environment.

If you put your cat in a discount kennel, the cats may experience stress because of their proximity to dogs or other felines. The barking and smells will make the cat feel unsafe. Tour the facility before you make a commitment. Make sure the cats are away from any dogs. Also, ensure that the cats are not kept too closely together. Cats don’t always get along, especially when they are new to each another.

Some cat boarding facilities have kitty condos that have two rooms. This gives the cat a separate sleeping and litter box area. Condos may have internal air systems that make sure that every animal has fresh air at a comfortable temperature. You should ask to tour the cat boarding area at a pet hotel when you visit. Make sure that your pet will have plenty of room to move around and sleep.

The cat boarding facility should feed the cats at scheduled times. Routine is critical to helping cats adjust to a new environment. There should be an area for cats to play and exercise. They should have interaction with people who are experienced at dealing with cats. Ask questions about how the staff will deal with your cat if it experiences excessive stress or behaves oddly. Find out how the cat boarding staff will handle any emergency situations so you know what to expect.