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Considering Getting a Pool? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re considering getting a swimming pool, you’re probably nervous about what to expect. You’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of your pool which will make it well worth the investment of time and expense. There are some things you’ll need to learn, but even the most inexperienced pool owners can master the process.

swimming-poolChemical balance is probably one of the most important parts of owning a swimming pool. The water has to be properly sanitized to make it safe for swimmers. There are a variety of sanitizers you can use, but most people choose to use chlorine to sanitize their pools. It’s importance to test the chlorine balance and maintain it on a regular basis. You’ll also need to test and regulate the pH level of the water. There are also other chemicals you will need to monitor and adjust to keep your pool sparkling. Occasionally, you may need to deal with problems like algae. There are a variety of swimming pool treatments that can help you fight these problems. You can consult with your local pool store to help you find the right product.

You will need to learn to take careful care of your pool equipment. Your pool will need a pump to keep it clean. Study your pump manual carefully and learn how it works. In some climates, you may need a pool heater. You’ll need to learn how this works as well. You can decrease your reliance on a heater by using a pool cover when you’re not using the swimming pool. The cover will also limit the amount of water evaporation you have to deal with.

You’ll need to clean your swimming pool regularly by skimming the surface and vacuuming the bottom. Your pool will need to be opened and closed properly at the beginning and end of each pool season. It’s a good idea to hire a pool expert to do this, especially at first. This way, you’ll know it’s done correctly. Getting a swimming pool can seem daunting at first. Keep in mind that there are experts to help you through the process.

The Relationship Between pH Balance and Alkalinity

Swimming pool chemical balance is critical to maintaining clean and safe water. It’s important to test your water regularly to ensure that it is balanced. Sometimes, chemical balance can be tricky. Chlorine isn’t the only part of balancing water. There are several other factors involved in balancing swimming pool and one of the most critical issues is the pH balance of the water. The pH of the water affects how well the pool sanitizer, such as chlorine, works.

swimmerDid you know that there is a significant relationship between pH and alkalinity? When the pH is out of balance, it affects the pool alkalinity. You can’t adjust the pH of the water effectively unless the alkalinity is in balance. Most experts recommend that the pH of swimming pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6 for the pool chlorine to work properly. High pH can cause a calcium buildup, filter clogging, dull water and a variety of other problems. If the pH is too high, you need to check the total alkalinity of the swimming pool water.

The total alkalinity of the water should be between 80 and 200 ppm. If the pH is high and the alkalinity is in the right parameters, you should add pH reducer. If the pH is low in the swimming pool water, you should check the alkalinity just like when the pH is too high. If the alkalinity is normal, then you should add a pH increaser to the water.

What if the alkalinity in the water is not balanced? High total alkalinity, the pH of the water will consistently rise even if you add pH reducer. To fix the problem, you need to adjust the alkalinity without affecting the pH balance. If the alkalinity is too low, add sodium bicarbonate which will raise the alkalinity without affecting the pH of the swimming pool water. What if the alkalinity too high? You should add a pH reducer to the deep end of the pool. You’ll need to shut off the pump and give the pH reducer time to lower the alkalinity and then you can turn the swimming pool pump on again.