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Dealing with Unwanted Pool Visitors

If you own a swimming pool, you may occasionally have unwanted visitors like snakes, lizards, frogs, toads and mice. They may turn up in the swimming pool or the skimmer basket. How can you deal with these visitors and how can you prevent them from visiting in the future? The good news is that most dead animals don’t pose any health risks to people. The pool chemicals take care of any germs from the animal.

little mouseIn some areas, people have a problem with a variety of animals drowning in their pools such as frogs, toads, chipmunks, moles, mice and sometimes even skunks. There are techniques for helping these animals get out of the pool alive. You can purchase skimmer covers that have a ramp which helps animals like frogs crawl out of the pool. It won’t save every animal but it may help cut down on drowned animals in the pool.

If you check your swimming pool daily, any dead animal you find has likely only been dead for a few hours. In that case, if your pool chemicals are in balance, you can simply remove the animal. However, if there is a rotting dead animal in the pool, you should shock the pool to kill any bacteria. If you’re concerned, call your local swimming pool company for advice.

There are some animals that pose risks if you find them in the swimming pool. Dead raccoons can be dangerous. They may be infected with a dangerous worm which could spread to swimmers and in rare cases, can cause serious illness. If you find a dead raccoon in the pool, remove the animal using disposable gloves and double bag the dead animal in garbage bags. Then, contact your local Animal Control to test the raccoon. You can check with the Center for Disease Control for instructions on how to clean the pool if the worm is present.

In some areas, you may find a live snake in your pool. If this happens, you can call animal control or a snake removal service to deal with the snake. If you’re experienced with snakes and know the snake type, you can attempt it yourself, but don’t hesitate to call an expert.

Preparing Your Pool for a Vacation

pool treatmentIf you’re leaving town for several days, you should prepare your pool for the vacation. Even though no one will be swimming in the water, appropriate swimming pool treatment is important. The better you prepare the better condition your pool water will be in when you return. First, it’s important that your pool water is in excellent shape before you leave. Any water problems you currently have will only get worse while you are out of town so focus on swimming pool treatment before you leave.

You should use your standard swimming pool treatment regimen if your water is already clear. Carefully check the chemical balance of the water and add any chemicals if necessary. Many experts recommend setting the chemical levels slightly high and allowing them to reduce over time when you are away.

A pool cover will help protect your pool while you are gone. It will keep out the leaves and other debris that can degrade the water. It’s important to keep the filter running so that the water doesn’t become stagnant. This can serve as a perfect breeding grown for mosquitoes and algae. Most experts recommend running the pump seven to eight hours a day. There are timers on many models of pumps which make it simple to keep the water circulating. You could also add a floater with extra chlorine tablets during the time you are gone. The floater will allow the chlorine to slowly dissolve which protects the water quality.

It’s important to use the right swimming pool treatment to get your water in shape before you leave. Consider using a non-chlorine shock product like Attack Non-Chlorine Shock to make sure your water is clear. The shock will help your current sanitizer work more effectively. This swimming pool treatment destroys the organic containments in your pool that will lead to problems over time.

If you are going to be out of town for a significant amount of time, more than a week, consider asking or hiring someone to monitor the pool every few days. Hiring someone may save you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy as many chemicals to get the water back in shape when you return. The person can do basic swimming pool treatment tasks such as adding chlorine and removing major debris.