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The Purpose of Clarifiers in Your Pool

clear-pool-waterMany new pool owners wonder what clarifiers are and why are they needed in a swimming pool. Now pool clarifiers are not supposed to be used for the entire swimming season continuously, but to clear up certain problems. Plus, clarifiers are generally used when the pool is first opened or after an explosion of algae that has been treated. It is also needed if filtering has been reduced or chlorination reduced. So this product is designed to make your pool water clear again if it’s cloudy.

Too, if you find your using a clarifier regularly then other factors could be the problem causing cloudy water. So you may want to check to see if your PH is too high, if you have high TDS or if your calcium is too high. Also problems with cloudy water can be caused by high alkalinity and cyanuric acid which is also high. Additionally, if your filtrations system is poor, if you don’t keep your pool clean or if the circulation in your pool is slow; all this can contribute to a cloudy pool.

However; if all the above is in order and your chemical levels are maintained, but your pool is still cloudy, then you will need a clarifier if you are not adding one. Now a clarifier works by trapping particles which are invisible and visible in the filter. These particles are then drawn into the filter by the circulating movement and removed from the water. So when you are treating your pool with a clarifier, run your filter for 24 hours during the period of treatment or as long as you can to improve both filtration and circulation.

As much as you want to during this, don’t over clean the filter. Clean the filter or backwash when there is a 7-9 pound reading on the pressure gauge. Also after the treatment, make sure you maintain the proper chlorine levels and water PH balance to keep your pool clean and clear.

So, using a clarifier when needed will give you a sparkling clean pool.