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Luxury Closets

Imagine having a closet with cabinets and shelves which is larger than your bedroom? Because some people go beyond the phrase “walk-in closet.” It should be called a room for their clothes. So just what type of closets do the rich go for? Below are some descriptions of what might be in a closet for the wealthy:

  • A wardrobe room for the sophisticated man may have wood cabinetry, stained dark with dark hardwood floors. Shelves could be throughout the space which are lighted, with hanging rods. Mirrors could be located above a chevron designed rug with lots of texture. Any cubbies which would be in the closet would also be lighted. Perhaps these would be used for shoes or other personal items.
  • Another closet may have lacquer cabinetry painted stark white. It could contain boots, expensive clothing, shoes and many other items. There could be a crystal chandelier in black as well as a button tufted ottoman in silver for sitting down when putting on boots and shoes.
  • Peeking inside another closet may show us a hardwood floor designed in dark wood. White cabinets, bronze mirrors and French doors which are mirrored would complete it. Sparkling crystal knobs on drawers would reflect the light a rectangular crystal chandelier. A luxurious couch to lounge on could be there while an attendant pulls out selections of dresses and shoes to decide on for the day.
  • Some closets have islands in the center, bathrooms, makeup stations with lighted mirrors for a professional look with even a bar and kitchenette. The top of the line luxury closets can even have elevators in them to go to the next level. Clothes could be on different levels depending on what they’re used. There could be a locked storage areas for furs and jewelry, a separate section for shoes and evening gowns.

When budget isn’t an issue, the sky is the limit for storing your clothes, shoes and personal belongings.

Luxury Closet on a Budget

You’re thinking about redoing your closet, but your budget is a little on the slim side. However, with the help of a reliable contractor, you can do an overhaul without spending the big bucks. Below are some suggestions to think about when redoing your closet:

  • Add a touch of gold: Have the contractor add a touch of gold metallic paint to the ceiling of your closet, or paint any metal trim for a touch of flair.
  • Mirrors: Adding full-length mirrors can let you see how you look in those pants. Plus, it gives the room an airier feel, making the room seem bigger.
  • Replacing the handles and knobs: If you have the handles or knobs replaced with decorative accent handles or knobs, it can bring a sense of uniqueness.
  • Add a faux fur rug: Having something soft under your feet feels luxurious. Plus, it’s easier on your feet when you’re trying on fashion shoes or those chic boots.
  • Crown molding: When you add crown molding to your closet, it frames your closet like a picture in a frame. Because space is small, you can choose something which sets it off for a feel that gives luxury at a low cost because you aren’t framing in much area.
  • Lighting: The right lighting and lighting fixture is crucial in a luxury closet. It could even be a small crystal chandelier which will give it a high-end look.
  • Hangers: Something as simple as hangers which match can add to the look of your closet. Find a type which appeals to you, buy a batch and donate the mismatched hangers to a good cause.
  • Bins and baskets: These are great to organize all the loose odds and ends. Try to stay in groupings of matching threes’ or more. Too many different styles and colors will make it look cluttered.


Everyone has their ideas, but hopefully, these will give you more.


Building the closet of your dreams

The lack of closet space is one of the most frustrating features for many homeowners. Most closets were designed by the original builder; they use building-grade materials, which tend to wear out in just a few years. Also, the closet designs are standard across many models of homes so that the homes can be constructed quickly. This efficient business model doesn’t always lead to the best storage situation for the homeowners.

You can improve your closet space dramatically by installing custom cabinetry. This will allow you to design a closet space that works for your individual needs. You can install a variety of closets in different rooms of your home using custom cabinetry that makes the most of the available space in the closet area.

Many people assume they will just live with the closet space they have and look for an ideal closet in the next home they buy. This is not the best approach for a couple of reasons. First of all, renovating your closets is one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your home in terms of functionality. Custom furnishings and custom cabinetry can help improve the value of your home. If you decide to sell, buyers will be immediately struck by the updated, functional closet spaces that you’ve create with custom cabinetry.

If you hope to find the ideal home with the perfect closets, you will have a very challenging search ahead of you. Keep in mind that improving your current home through custom cabinetry and other investments is far more cost-effective than buying and moving into a new home. You can improve the features you dislike in your home while still hanging on to the features in your home that you love. Custom cabinetry can help build the closet, kitchen or bath of your dreams.