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How Do I Clear Cloudy Water from my Pool?

clear pool waterSwimming pool owners have to constantly monitor their pools to prevent cloudy water. The right swimming pool treatment will help you eliminate the issues that can make your water cloudy and unappealing. It’s important to use a sanitizer like chlorine on a regular basis to keep your pool safe and hygienic. However, even if you use the appropriate amount of sanitizer, other conditions such lotions on bathers and debris can cause cloudiness in your pool water.

It’s a commonly held misconception that adding more chlorine will clear cloudy water. Many owners turn to chlorine shock products when they need to resolve water problems. This is not the best swimming pool treatment for solving cloudiness. Too much chlorine can affect the balance of your water. It can also irritate swimmers’ eyes and skin.

Cloudy water is caused by contaminates in the water. Shocking the water helps kill the organic contaminates that are making your water cloudy. Non-chlorine shock is gentle but effective. It helps the sanitizer you currently use work more effectively. It also controls level of organics in the water. Swimmers can re-enter the water about 15 minutes after a non-chlorine swimming pool treatment. They often need to wait longer if chlorine shock is used.

There are other advantages to using a non-chlorine swimming pool treatment like Bio-Dex Sparkle Shock. This type of swimming pool treatment won’t bleach the liner on swimsuits, pool toys and pool liners. These products also don’t increase the calcium content of the pool which prevents the buildup of calcium. Non-chlorine shock treatments will also consistently clear the water in an easy-to-use manner. It can be difficult to identify the appropriate dose of chlorine for clearing water, but the formula for non-chlorine shock is simple.

Chlorine shock can throw the chlorine balance of your water out of whack. The odor will be strong and it can be an irritant that causes more problems than it solves. If your water chlorine is in balance, you should use a non-chlorine shock treatment. A swimming pool treatment like Bio-Dex Sparkle Shock Non-Chlorine Shock can clear your water without raising the chlorine level.

Getting Rid of Cloudy Water

When you see pictures of swimming pools, they are always bright and sparkling. In real life, many people find that cloudy water can be a common problem. No one wants to swim in a cloudy pool because it doesn’t look safe or pleasant. There are a variety of steps you can take to keep your water clear. If your water becomes cloudy, there are swimming pool chemicals you can use to clear the water up again, quickly.

Swimming pool chemicals play an important role in keeping your pool healthy. They balance the pH level and the chlorine level in the water. They also help to manage the hardness and acidity of the water. The chemistry of water in a pool is complicated since the amount of water is so large and needs to be maintained over such a long period of time. It is important to carefully maintain the water so that you keep the water safe for swimmers. Water that is not treated properly can develop bacteria and fungi that can be dangerous to your health. That’s why it’s important to use the appropriate swimming pool chemicals to help keep the water in the best shape possible.

There are many factors that can cause water to become cloudy. One is unbalanced swimming pool chemicals. Maintaining your water properly can prevent clarity problems. An inefficient or old pool filter may contribute to problems. Suntan oils and lotions can also contribute to cloudy water.

Clearex 500 is a swimming pool chemical that can treat most cloudy water problems. Most people find that one application of this product can clear up the problem. It is important to use swimming pool chemicals that are not toxic when you are treating cloudy water. This will keep the water safe and pleasant for children and adults that swim in the pool.