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How Rolling Shutters Save Money and Add Security

Roll down shutters can save you money; plus give you added security for your home or business. Because when these types of shutters are rolled down, they stay in place so that no one can see into your home or business which is a deterrent to crime. Also, during bad weather, since the shutters are strong and roll down; this prevents damage to windows which can keep you and your family safe from harm.

security-shuttersAdditionally, roll down shutters can also be used on entry doors, sliding doors, patio doors and skylights. They can be installed on screened in porches, pool houses and even storefronts for extra protection and security too. Too, a person looking to enter a home for a home invasion will be likely to pass your home by because of the difficulty of entering. Burglars want easy access as a common element to their thinking.

In addition, rolling shutters can save you money by giving you extra insulation against both cold and heat. So in the winter months the shutters help to reduce heat loss which in turn reduces energy consumption. In the summer, they block out the heat and glare and keep the inside cool. The shutters work because there is dead air space between the glass of the window and the shutter which adds to the insulation factor. So this will help both with heat loss and heat gain, thus cutting your heating and cooling bill up to 63%. This means by saving money on your heating and cooling bill, it will pay for the shutters over time with the money you’re saving.

Plus, if you need to sleep in the daytime because of your work schedule, the shutters will block out sunlight so that you can sleep peacefully in a darkened room. Small vents can be installed to allow a small amount of light and air in if you prefer this too. Also, the rolling shutters help to decrease distracting outside noise such as shouting kids and noise from traffic. As an additional bonus, rolling shutters also help to protect the interior of your home from UV damage, heat damage and other damage caused by sunlight.
So rolling shutters are a great investment for both security and saving money.

The Difference between Rolling Shutters and Storm Doors

Protecting your home and property is a priority. If you have a home, townhouse that is exposed to harsh weather, you may be concerned about protecting your property against hurricanes, high winds, tornados and other harsh weather. There is a variety of home security strategies, but some of more effective than others. You may find that a combination of approaches to security and protection.

rolling-shutterRolling shutters and storm doors can provide protection to your property in different ways. They have their own advantages and you should consider each when it comes to protecting your home. Security storm doors have a variety of features that protect your home from invasions and harsh weather. These include issues include forced hinges, solid construction, tempered safety glass, fiberglass mesh screens and heavy gauge metal door frames. The doors also have other features that make them impervious to even the most skilled thieves. Well-constructed storm doors also prevent hail, rain, wind and other harsh weather from damaging your home.

Storm doors are made in many different styles and colors. Stylish steel and fiberglass entry doors are available in decorative glass, embossed styles and a wide variety of other stylish options. Security doors do not have to be unattractive to provide protection for your home or business. The doors fit closely on a custom made frame that

Rolling shutters are designed to protect the windows in your home.  They provide security and storm protection for both doors and windows. They work differently than storm doors because the shutters are retractable. They roll up into a small housing that blends into the style of the building. The shutters are designed to protect both doors and large windows. The shutters are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials so that commercial building owners and homeowners can choose shutters that blend into their architectural style.

The rolling security shutters can be manually or automatically opened or shut based on the person’s preferences. The shutters can be pulled down and locked for security reasons. Shutters can be retracted using a battery-operated mechanism or be raised and lowered manually.

Protecting Your Commercial Property

Businesses are sometimes located in high crime areas. Robbers often target businesses that they believe keep cash on the presence. Criminals often break doors or windows to gain entry to the property. Robberies can have a serious effect on the well-being of a business. It is important that you take steps to protect your commercial property.

Window protection is especially important to preventing a break-in. Crime prevention experts often advise businesses to invest in rolling security shutters to provide protection. Installing rolling security shutters can dramatically reduce the chance of a break-in. Criminals often don’t bother trying to break into these businesses because they know rolling security shutters are formidable barriers. The shutters are generally made of solid and aluminum materials.

security shuttersHow do rolling security shutters increase your window security? First, they obstruct a robber’s view into the store. They will have a difficult time planning attacks because they can’t tell if the building is empty or what activities are taking place inside – so their only option is to case the place will be to enter during business hours, which may deter them since they may appear suspicious. When the rolling security shutters are closed, they are nearly impossible to destroy. When you open your store or business, you can easily roll the shutters into a box housing that coordinates with your building.

You can find rolling security shutters in a variety of styles. There are shutters available for many different budgets. Companies offer shutters in a variety of styles and colors. Customers can also choose opening and closing options such as manual controls, pole cranks and strap cranks. Users can purchase the shutters in an assortment of styles that will fit tightly into your windows to provide maximum security.


Rolling security shutters provide benefits in addition to increased security. These shutters provide protection against high winds and storms. Many are hurricane-grade approved which will protect your property during strong storms. These shutters can also help you reduce your energy costs. They fit tightly on the window so that hot and cold air can’t escape or enter the building. This will decrease your heating and air conditioning bills. The shutters can also prevent water damage during significant storms. This provides an additional level of protection for your business property.

Preventing Loss through Window Security

If you keep cash or property on the premises of your business, you could be targeted by thieves. Criminals know that businesses often have a significant amount of valuable property and money. That’s why commercial properties have problems with break-ins. Companies that operate in high crime areas have elevated concerns when it comes to security. They need to find ways to protect their assets and their employees.

security shuttersWindow protection is an important part of business security. Thieves can easily enter a building through windows. They may break the glass or separate the glass from the frame to gain entry. Installing window bars is an option, but these may be unattractive to customers and make the business appear intimidating. Insurance companies and security experts often advise businesses to invest in rolling security shutters to prevent break-ins. Rolling security shutters provide a similar level of protection as window bars and are much more attractive.

Rolling security shutters are almost impossible to break through when they are closed and locked. They can’t be smashed or shoved aside. Thieves usually avoid bothering with properties that have these shutters because they know they will probably be unsuccessful. Another advantage to rolling security shutters is that thieves can’t see inside the business to plan a robbery. They won’t be sure whether there are valuable items inside and they can’t tell if the building is empty or occupied at the moment they want to break in.

Rolling security shutters can be easily opened and closed. The property looks open and inviting when the shutters are rolled up into a simple and attractive box housing. Employees can simply close and lock the rolling security shutters when they close up for the night. Shutters are made with different closing mechanisms including manual straps, pole cranks, manual push up and pull down and strap cranks for smaller shutters.

Rolling security shutters are made in more than one style. Some are created with slits that allow light into the building. This type of shutter is ideal for businesses that want to keep the shutters closed during business hours. Other shutters have double walls to provide an additional level of security. There are also shutters that are specifically designed to increase energy efficiency.

Rolling Security Shutters for Commercial Purposes

commercial shuttersRolling security shutters can be used on the exterior and interior of your business premises to provide a solid, durable barrier which cannot be penetrated by burglars. Shutters can be custom fit to doors, windows, counters, and product cases.

For your storefront windows, you can select a security shutter that allows window shoppers to still see the products for sale in your windows, but keeps out any thieves looking to break the windows and steal those items from your store.

Security shutters may also be used to close off and protect storage areas located outside your business which are not protected by an alarm system, but which contain valuable products or tools that will be taken quickly if not protected.

Many pharmacies use security shutters to shut off the pharmacy area from the rest of the store when the pharmacy closes for the day, but the store remains open. The shutters create a strong, yet attractive deterrent to keep customers from entering the pharmacy area while shopping in the remainder of the store. In addition, the shutters create an additional impenetrable barrier to keep out thieves should the store be broken into after closing hours.

Rolling security shutters do not have to look ugly and industrial. They are available in a variety of colors and styles and are custom-crafted to suit your business needs. Therefore, do not think of the shutters as something that you will only use at night after your business shuts down. The shutters are beautiful enough that you will not be reluctant to let your clients see them throughout the business day.

Most of the shutters are made of aluminum. They are lightweight, very durable, and do not corrode. The shutters can be operated electronically by a keypad or remote (and manually, if you prefer). They can even be set to open and close to a timer. Now, many shutters can be controlled through the internet. Therefore, you may be able to operate them from your smartphone.

Rolling security shutters provide both a visible deterrent and physical barrier to prevent burglars from accessing products, tools, and information that you wish to keep secure inside your business premises. They are a great addition to your security alarm system to keep your business safe and provide much needed peace of mind.

Reducing Expenses With Rolling Security Shutters

energy saving shuttersInstalling rolling security shutters in your home or business can actually save you money in the long run. These devices can reduce expenses and prevent unnecessary costs by protecting your valuables and premises from intruders and harsh elements.

First, installing rolling security shutters will reduce your insurance costs. Most insurance companies will provide a greater discount if your home or business implements security shutters in addition to an alarm system. The shutters provide such a strong durable barrier from intruders that insurance companies will reduce the cost to insure the premises since they feel that the chance of any break-ins has been so greatly reduced. In addition, because the shutters also provide a barricade against the environment, insurance companies are satisfied that there will be less risk of weather-related damages, such as water damage resulting from a broken window.

Your energy costs will also be greatly reduced by installing rolling security shutters. Most shutters block out sunlight, which can keep your home or office cooler in the summer time. The shutters will also prevent air conditioning from escaping through the windows and going outside. In the cooler seasons, the shutters will prevent heat from leaking out so that a warmer temperature can be maintained inside.

Because security shutters actually prevent break-ins, they greatly reduce the chance that there will be any costly damages resulting from one. You will not suffer the additional cost of repairing destroyed windows or doors or replacing wires pulled from your alarm system. That is because burglars are never able to initially access the inside of your home or business.

As mentioned previously, security shutters can prevent damages from weather-related catastrophes, too. Windows, doors, and patios can suffer damage from severe rain and hail. Rolling security shutters can prevent the elements from destroying these exterior entrances to your home or business and causing damage inside the premises.

If you have been considering adding rolling security shutters to your home or business, but have been hesitant because of the cost, remember that in the long run, these devices will actually pay for themselves. Rolling security shutters are a great investment whether the location you need to protect is residential or commercial.

Rolling Security Shutters -Safeguarding Your Family

security shuttersSadly, in the world we live in, crime is becoming ever more prevalent. The economic hardships faced by many over the past several years coupled with intense prison overcrowding has been less than helpful to the quest for reduced crime. In these tough times, it is crucial that you take a tough stance on keeping your home and family as safe as possible, rolling security shutters are one great way to do just that. While these shutters have both residential and commercial applications, we are going to focus on how they can keep your home safe.

Rolling security shutters are retractable window and door covering systems. Many of you have probably seen them at work without realizing it. Just think of concession stands or stores in a mall and you can likely picture rolling shutters. While this may not seem like something you would want on your home, you will likely change your mind when you consider the following facts.

The Chicago Sun Times conducted a study of the greater Chicago area. After gathering data, they determined that crime levels have increased 21% in the past year. Even though you may not live in Chicago, several other studies have found similar numbers in the increase in crime rates across most large cities. Even more disturbing, the study by the Chicago Sun Times uncovered another interesting fact, security cameras did not decrease the occurrence of crimes. This means that even though you may have spent a ton of money on a home security camera, you may not be any safer than without it.

On the other hand, rolling security shutters have proven to be very effective at curving break in rates. Adding rolling security shutters to your home does one very important thing; it makes your house stand out as secure. Burglars are often looking for a soft target and seeing that you have security shutters let’s would be thieves know you mean business. As a matter of fact, a recent study indicated that adding security shutters decreased commercial break-ins by 70%. If rolling security shelters are this effective for a business, imagine what they can do for your home!