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Functional Ideas for a Small Kitchen

3128778 - compact modern kitchen with the built in home appliancesYour kitchen is tiny, and you’d like to have it redone, but you’re not sure which direction to go. First consider this, why not have open storage in the overhead cabinets instead of kitchen cupboards with doors that shut. Without doors, it will give the kitchen an airier feeling too, and you won’t feel as boxed in. You can also have installed scaled-down appliances where less is more. So an apartment sized refrigerator can be installed instead of full sized one or perhaps a two burner stove and a single kitchen sink. Further, if counter space is an issue, you can purchase a roll away counter topped cart. It will give you extra storage; plus extra counter top, and it can just be concealed in a closet when not being used. So by having smaller installed you can have more appliances.

Another idea is using glass to open up your kitchen and give you a sense of spaciousness. You can have a contractor install patio doors for an outside view or larger windows to expand your space visually. Or install glass doors on your cabinets or reflective glass tile to lighten things up. Adding mirrors tastefully can also give a sense of space.

In addition, think about your lighting. Good lighting makes things look bigger and beautiful. So you can have custom installed lighting under your upper cabinets which will shine on your countertops. If you hang a pendant light over the eating area, it will increase the amount of light over your table or counter too. Also, on the base of your custom cabinetry, you can have lighting that will shine down onto the toe plate. This gives a starlight effect at night.

For an inexpensive choice for the floor, tile or linoleum can be used in an eye-catching color, and then that color be accented throughout the kitchen. Or if you’d like the kitchen to appear taller, using light colors or pastel colors with a mixture of white will do the trick. But also if you like bold colors, it can be very effective in a small kitchen if used correctly.

A small kitchen can be functional and beautiful regardless of the size.